Contact Info

          Office of Distance Education
          Ross Hall, Lower Level
          220 Scotland Road
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-1047

          Dr. Jim Boulder
          Director of Learning Technology Services
          Office: Ross Hall, Room 19
          Phone: (814) 732-1047

          Programs and Courses

          Edinboro University offers a wide variety of online programs and courses, ensuring all students find the curriculum that works best for them.

          Online Graduate Programs 

          View Edinboro University’s online graduate programs.

          Online Undergraduate Courses

          Edinboro University does not currently offer any 100% Online undergraduate programs. Online undergraduate course offerings vary each semester, please contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

          How To Apply 

          Undergraduate applicants can visit the Office of Admissions for more information.
          Graduate applicants can visit the School of Graduate Studies and Research for more information.

          Tuition and Financial Aid

          Learn about tuition costs and the availability of financial aid.

          Transfer Students

          Information specific to transfer students can be found here.