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          Music and Theatre
          Alexander Music Center
          110 Kiltie Road
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2555

          Dr. Gary Grant
          Office:  Alexander Music Center
          Room 127
          Phone: (814) 732-2555

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          Music and Theatre

          Your sound, our vision

          Your sound, our vision

          EU music students learn from a faculty of accomplished professional musicians.

          Music is an important part of our proud tradition at Edinboro University.  With a marching band, pipe band, voice ensemble, and minor in music, the University provides students with an opportunity to continue to hone their craft in music while pursuing their academic endeavors.  The faculty in the Department of Music and Theatre, who are all professional musicians, provide lessons and guidance to students with interest in music performance.  We believe in educating the whole person and forming the mind beyond the students discipline; and allowing students to continue to enhance their skills and participate in music ensembles and events allows for a truly formative experience.

          Music Minor
          Program Number: 1052
          Department: Music and Theatre