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          Transfer of Credit

          With some exceptions, Edinboro University will accept a maximum of nine (9) semester hours of graduate credit earned at a regionally accredited or state approved college or university for transfer to a student’s graduate program.

          Transfer of Credit Policy

          The MA Counseling degree program may accept a maximum of twelve (12) credit hours; and the Master of Fine Arts degree program may transfer a maximum of  fifteen (15) semester hours.

          The Dean of Graduate Studies must authorize transfer credits. Transfer credit is, as a general rule, only authorized if the course is not offered by Edinboro University. If the institution granting the graduate credit has placed limitations on the use of this credit, these same limitations will be placed on transfer credit requests.

          Transfer credit will only be authorized if (1) a grade of “B” or better has been earned, (2) the credits were completed within a five-year time period from the date of the semester or session in which the student earned the first accepted credits of the master’s degree program, (3) the approval procedures have been followed and (4) the School of Graduate Studies is provided with an official transcript for the completed credit.

          The Dean of Graduate Studies may deny a student permission to transfer credit when the course is judged to be outdated or inappropriate, or if the proper procedure has not been followed.

          Further information can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

          Please print and complete the Transfer of Credit Form.

          Please also print and complete the Pre-Approval Transfer of Credit Form. This form is to be used by current students requesting to complete a graduate level course at another college/university.

          Request for Substitution of Graduate Credit

          Requests for substitution of EU graduate courses should be made prior to enrolling in the substitute course and must be made prior to the semester in which the student graduates. Justification is required along with approval from the Graduate Program Head, Academic Dean and the Graduate Dean.

          Please print and complete the Substitution of Credit Form.