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          Dr. Kate Krival
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          Speech-Language Pathology

          The Master of Arts program in Speech-Language Pathology prepares students for careers in a variety of professional settings, such as hospitals, schools, rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, clinics and private practices. Graduates are qualified to provide services to people of all ages who have communicative, cognitive and/or swallowing disorders.

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          We offer an established, nationally accredited program in speech-language pathology that has a comprehensive curriculum led by outstanding faculty, which includes five clinical rotations, and leads to national certification and state licensure of our graduates.

          – Dr. Mary Beth Mason

          Our faculty engages students in the acquisition and application of knowledge and encourages them to become thoughtful and insightful decision makers. Students work closely with faculty and supervisors as they learn to make informed professional judgments and to use contemporary approaches to diagnosis and remediation of communicative, cognitive and/or swallowing disorders. Students must complete all academic courses and clinical practicum required for clinical certification by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Five clinical rotations enable students to develop and refine clinical skills under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. The Speech-Language Pathology program is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA) and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

          Application Requirements

          To apply to this program, you will need to complete the online CSDCAS application only. We do not accept applications submitted through the Edinboro University website. Send all materials directly to CSDCAS—please do not send application materials to Edinboro University. Click here for a printable fact sheet. 

          1. Complete an application through the web-based common application, CSDCAS by Feb. 1.
          2. Provide an official transcript to CSDCAS of all undergraduate coursework completed. Incomplete transcripts will need to be updated prior to enrollment in graduate courses.
          3. A copy of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) sent only to CSDCAS.
          4. Three letters of reference uploaded to CSDCAS only, with preferably at least two from CSD faculty familiar with your work.
          5. Statement of purpose (1-2 pages).

          Note: All materials must be received at CSDCAS by February 1 to be considered.

          An advance tuition deposit of $150 shall be paid by all new students in the MA Speech Language Pathology program. This deposit is required within two weeks of an offer of admission to the Graduate School. This student deposit is a guarantee of the intention of the applicant to register at the University for the term indicated on the admissions letter. Upon receipt, the University will credit the $150 deposit to the student’s account. Applicants who subsequently cancel their application or fail to register shall forfeit their advance deposit; there will be no full or partial refunds.

          Graduate students enrolled in the MA Speech Language Pathology program will pay an additional 10% tuition differential.

          Prep Program: If you have not completed the prerequisite courses for graduate study in speech-language pathology, you can enroll in our prep program, which offers all required prerequisite courses in a Fall-Spring, full-time sequence. Students admitted to the SLP program who need these courses will receive a deferral for graduate study until they’re completed. Students not admitted to the SLP program may enroll in the prep program, but must apply via Undergraduate Admissions as a transfer student.

          Degree Requirements

          Individuals must comply with the degree requirements for the Master of Arts degree listed in the catalog. The student must also complete the National Examination for Speech Pathology (NESP). It’s the student’s responsibility to schedule this test through ETS prior to completion of the graduate program.