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          Sheila McCarthy
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          Frequently Asked Questions

          As a prospective transfer student, you’re likely to have questions about the credit transfer process at EU. Below, we’ve provided answers to the most commonly asked questions about the college transfer process.

          Am I a transfer or a freshman?

          If you graduated from high school or earned your GED and subsequently enrolled in post-secondary coursework, you are a transfer student. Those who never attended college and high school students who completed post-secondary coursework prior to high school graduation are considered freshmen. Transfer students must submit all college records for review—they cannot elect to apply to the University as a freshman.

          Must I submit my high school transcript?

          Transfer students must submit their official high school transcript, along with official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended.  Students transferring in a minimum of 30 credits are exempted from having to submit their high school transcript, unless the intended major is Nursing.

          What GPA is required to transfer?

          In general, a 2.0 GPA or higher is preferred for transfer student admission. A lower GPA may be considered in certain circumstances. A higher GPA may be required or preferred, depending on the major (e.g. Education).

          Are there programs for which transfer students are ineligible?

          While the traditional Nursing program is designed for incoming Freshmen, transfer students may be considered on a case-by-case basis.  To be considered, students must fulfill Freshman Nursing requirements AND must have a minimum transfer GPA of 3.00.

          Students may also apply for the Innovative Nursing program if they possess a bachelor’s degree.

          Will my credits transfer?

          If your credits were earned from an institution of higher education that’s accredited by regional accrediting bodies, Edinboro University will accept them, depending on the grade. Coursework completed at institutions that are not regionally accredited may be accepted by the University following evaluation by the academic deans in consultation with department chairpersons.

          How do I find out how many credits will transfer?

          Upon receipt of your application, official high school transcript and official college transcript(s), an official credit evaluation will be completed and provided to you. The credit evaluation is part of the admission process.

          How can I appeal my transfer credit equivalencies?

          Prior to enrollment, direct all appeals regarding undergraduate transfer credit equivalencies to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. After enrollment, direct such appeals to the Dean of your department. In either case, you must submit the request for an appeal accompanied by a detailed outline or syllabus for the course in question. In either case, the appeal and course outline or syllabus will be reviewed by your Dean, where the final authority for the decision resides.

          What happens if Edinboro University does not have a course equivalent to the course I have taken at another institution?

          Open elective credits may be awarded for valid academic courses for which Edinboro University has no direct equivalent.

          Can I transfer my grade point averages (GPA)?

          No. Transfer credits carry no grade point value. Courses and credits may transfer, but not grades. New transfer students begin with a “clean slate” (0.00 GPA).

          The institution I attended operates on a quarter-hour system. How does this affect my transfer credits?

          Quarter-hour credits will be converted to semester hours by multiplying the quarter hours by .667. (Example: five quarter hours equal three semester hours.)

          My credits are 15 years old. Will Edinboro University still accept them?

          Generally, most credits will be accepted. However, those in excess of 10 years old will be evaluated by your major department chairperson and academic dean for their applicability toward meeting current degree requirements.

          Is it possible to graduate with honors from Edinboro University?

          Yes. To be eligible for honors recognition at graduation, you must have attempted and earned at least 45 semester hours of credit at Edinboro University and have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.4 (4.0 scale) for all credits graded on the A through F scale earned at Edinboro University.

          Is there a limit on the number of transfer credits Edinboro University will accept?

          No! However, you must complete 30 of the last 60 semester hours in courses scheduled by the University for a baccalaureate degree or an associate degree. In addition, students must take at least 50% of credits required for the major from a State System University.

          Is there a minimum number of credits that must be completed prior to transferring?


          Does Edinboro University evaluate military service for academic credit?

          Yes, University credit may be granted for work completed in formal service schools and training programs on the basis of the recommendations of the American Council on Education as indicated on the Joint Services Transcript (JST) or Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript.