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          Michelle Ritzel
          Director of Campus Life and Leadership Development
          Office: 216 Frank G. Pogue Center
          Phone: (814) 732-2768

          Community Service Opportunities

          Students participating in community service by raking leaves

          Edinboro University knows the importance of giving back: how rewarding it can be for those doing the service and the difference it can make in the lives of those who benefit from it. We strive to instill those same values in our students by offering several community service opportunities, including campus and community clean-ups, Random Acts of Kindness (RAKE) and more.

          Annual Projects:

          Edinboro Clean-Up

          This first-year student project is done during orientation. New students help upper class students move in and clean up the campus. Students have a great time getting to know each other! You can sign up at the PSC Information Desk.

          Edinboro Coastal Clean-Up

          This nationwide initiative project is done through the Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC). Students form teams of five and use the day to clean up Edinboro Lake and neighboring creeks. In the end, all of the garbage is weighed and disposed of to keep the community looking beautiful.

          Parade Clean-Up

          This takes place the day after the Homecoming parade. Students walk the route and pick up the trash from the day before, keeping our community clean.

          RAKE (Random Acts of Kindness in Edinboro)

          Our students head out into the community to rake leaves for the disabled and elderly. We supply the rakes, gloves and bags. You’ll enjoy the day meeting people in the community and helping others. Last year’s RAKE resulted in 3,000 bags of raked leaves!  

          The Big Event

          Organized by Student Government and taking place in the spring, this event allows students to get out and do some spring projects for the elderly and disabled. The projects usually involve light painting, cleaning up a garage and simple house projects. Stay tuned to the website for upcoming details.

          Community Service can take as little as five minutes! Be on the lookout in the Pogue Student Center for Community Service Tables. The tables will be set up once a month and will have five-minute projects that you can do.  Whether it’s sending a Christmas card to a soldier or making sandwiches for a shelter, you’ll feel great about taking the time to make a difference in someone’s life.

          For more information, please contact the Campus Life Office at (814) 732-2768 or email Shellie Ritzel, Director of Campus Life and Student Leadership, at