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          Internships & Experiential Learning

          The Center for Career Development helps students locate and apply for internships and explore opportunities to supplement their education with the hands-on experience employers look for during the hiring process.


          Internships are excellent opportunities to apply classroom learning to practical environments, gain valuable job experience and network with professionals in your field. Increasingly, employers are looking for internship experience when evaluating new graduates. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, students who complete internships get hired earlier and earn higher salaries than those who don't.


          In order to qualify for an internship, students enrolled in baccalaureate programs must have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours, with at least 15 of those hours having been completed at Edinboro University. Undergraduate students enrolling for internships must have earned a minimum overall GPA of 2.0, a minimum GPA in their major of 2.5 and must meet departmental internship criteria.

          Students must pay tuition fees for all credits earned through an internship arrangement in accordance with the University schedule of semester or summer sessions.

          Students who qualify for internship credits are encouraged to contact their respective department internship directors.

          Internship FAQ

          What is an internship?

          An internship is a pre-professional experience whereby individuals gain experience, knowledge and skills in a career field or profession. Internships may be registered for academic credit or may be completed without academic credit.

          Why should I complete an internship?

          Internships provide professional experience in your field, improve your networking connections, and compliment your academic pursuits by showing you how to apply what you learn in the classroom to your profession. Students who intern tend to be hired earlier and earn higher salaries than those that don’t, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers research.

          How can I find an internship?

          Start by meeting with your departmental internship director. Ask where previous students have interned and what connections your department already has. Search HirEU for opportunities that are posted directly to EU students. You can also find good advice by visiting our recommended blogs and job searching resources. You should begin your internship at least 6-12 months before you plan to complete it – it can take time to find the right opportunity and go through the application process!

          How do I obtain an internship?

          Every internship is different. Review the specific application instructions for each internship opportunity you find. Many internships require an application and interview similar to a professional position and may require applications well in advance. You should use the Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning resources to help you prepare for your internship application. You may also review the competencies that employers look for in interns.

          Financial Aid

          Students wishing to receive financial aid for their internship must complete the following steps:

          • Apply for an internship through your academic department.
          • Bring a copy of approval to Office for Student Financial Support and Services (OSFSS). OSFSS will give you a “Temporary Award Letter.”
          • Take the “Temporary Award Letter” to Bursar’s Office with check (if necessary) to complete payment.
          • Go to the Scheduling Office to schedule the internship.

          Registrar form

          Organizations Interested in Providing Internships

          Organizations that are interested in providing internship opportunities to current Edinboro University students may contact the Internship Director in the relevant academic department (link to current department director list that is currently already located on this page).

          You may also post your internship opportunity directly to our students in HirEU, our Career and Internship Network

          It is important that the internship experience is of educational benefit to our students. Employers are encouraged to review the U.S. Department of Labor Guidelines regarding unpaid internships.

          NACE Position Statement on U.S. Internships