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          Office for Students with Disabilities 
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          Student Resources

          The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at Edinboro University provides a wide range of resources to help students with disabilities fully participate in the academic experience.  


          Academic Aide System

          The academic aide system is designed to help with the mechanics of school work. The academic aide is a reader and/or writer for students who cannot complete these activities independently. An academic aide can also provide library assistance.

          Assistive Technology Center (ATC)

          The ATC works with any device or technique that can be used by a person with a disability to minimize the cognitive, sensory, motor and/or linguistic limitations that a disability might otherwise impose. A broad range of services are provided to enable individuals with severe disabilities to function in school, home and the workplace. Some of the services provided include:  Wheelchair Evaluations/Adaptations, Physical Mobility/Life Skills, Alternative Access/Computer Evaluations, Home/Work-Site Evaluations and School/Work Transition. 

          Attendant Care Program

          The Attendant Care Program employs attendants who assist students with grooming, bowel and bladder routines, showering, dressing, room cleaning and other activities of daily living. These services are coordinated by a full-time registered nurse. Attendant care services are available to students residing on the first floors on Rose and Earp Hall only.

          Homework Aide

          The homework aides will assist students with their coursework requirements. The homework aide is not a subject content area tutor, but serves to assist the student in completing those tasks that she/he cannot do independently.

          Learning Disability Support Services

          Support services are offered at three levels for students with learning disabilities. Services for the two higher levels include supervised study sessions with a trained peer mentor and writing specialist assistance. Lower level support provides the basic services of assistance in arranging academic accommodations, including alternate test arrangements, priority scheduling for classes, consultation with staff and textbooks in alternative format. These basic services are also included in the higher levels. 

          Life Skills Center and Occupational Therapy

          The Life Skills Center provides an intermediate step designed to bridge the gap between home, residence life and off-campus apartment life. This center employs a self-directed approach to gaining the information, skills, confidence and responsibility to make the transition to independent, self-directed living.

          Meal Aide

          The meal aides will assist students in getting, preparing and/or feeding of food in the Rose Hall dining area during specified meal periods.
          • Full Meal Assistance: This involves all of the elements outlined in the partial meal assistance including assisting consumer to eat.
          • Partial Meal Assistance: This involves assisting students with items including but not limited to meal retrieving, heating items and opening packages.
          • Meal Prep Assistance: This involves assisting students in retrieving food, carrying a tray, or occasionally cutting food.

          Peer Advising

          Peer Advising is an individual service in which student participants are paired with Peer Advisors for several hours a week. Common tasks that students and Peer Advisors address are directed to develop or refine student success strategies in the areas of time management, organization, note taking, test taking, dealing with anxiety and stress, and additional personal and study skills that promote success for each individual student. Peer Advisors are not tutors; however, they will work with students to access subject-specific tutoring services that are offered by all academic departments.

          Transition Services

          Our team of social work professionals work to assist students in increasing independence through education regarding resources, motivation and success stories

          Tactical Laboratory

          The Tactile Laboratory was designed to meet the needs of students with blindness or visual impairments. It is used to develop educational materials in tactile, audible, and enlarged form for both students and faculty.

          Van Transportation

          The University owns and maintains a fleet of lift-equipped vans used to transport students from their residence halls to their classrooms on a daily basis. Services are provided Monday through Friday and involves rides throughout the semester to areas around the main campus property and within a four-mile radius of campus. Availability permitting, van service outside the four-mile radius may be requested for medical appointments, internships, and other transportation needs at an additional cost.

          Wheelchair Maintenance 

          The OSD maintains a Wheelchair Repair Room and employs personnel trained in repairing electric and manual wheelchairs. An inventory of wheelchair parts and supplies are in stock to minimize “down-time” of the students’ wheelchairs. This is located in the basement of Rose Hall.

          Writing Services

          Support for individual students in all stages of the writing process is available using various strategies that compensate for written language disabilities. There is a fee for this service.

          Further Assistance

          If you are also a veteran, please visit the Edinboro University Veterans Success pages for more information and assistance.