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          Office of Social Equity
          Reeder Hall, Third Floor
          219 Meadville Street
          Edinboro, PA  16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2167
          Fax: (814) 732-2153

          Ronald A. Wilson, J.D.
          Director of Social Equity and Title IX Coordinator
          Office: 306 Reeder Hall
          Phone: (814) 732-1259

          Jordan McMillan
          Administrative Support
          Office: Reeder Hall, 304
          Phone: (814) 732-1250

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          Office of Social Equity

          Office of Social Equity Logo[9]

          The Social Equity of our students, faculty and staff is very important. To provide an effective learning and working environment, we work hard to ensure all community members feel respected and supported.

          The Office of Social Equity has two major areas of responsibility: campus diversity and social equity. These major areas support the University’s mission, vision and values by supporting students, faculty and staff with equality and fairness. The Office director leads these areas and coordinates or leads other institutional efforts as designated by the University President.

          Diversity Inclusion Statement

          In accordance with the PASSHE Non-Discrimination Statement, Edinboro University will promote an inclusive culture that supports the academic, cultural, and personal growth of all members of the University community. Edinboro University values the richness of diversity and believes that the intentional recruitment, retention, and accommodation of individuals who differ and are similar will broaden and deepen the educational experience and the scholarly environment. By respecting pluralistic perceptions, and continuously assessing and monitoring the campuses and community environments, the Edinboro University community will foster open communication as students, faculty, staff and community learn to interact effectively with one another, creating and sustaining a supportive and respectful climate.


          Increasing and Sustaining Campus Diversity

          In collaboration with the other campus offices and individuals, the Office has University-wide responsibility for overseeing and assisting in the coordination of campus diversity efforts.

          The Office director is the chief diversity officer for the University and provides leadership on institution-wide diversity efforts. The director co-chairs the President’s University Diversity Council that advises, supports, and makes recommendations to the President on issues involving campus diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism.

          Sustaining an Equitable and Inclusive Campus Environment

          The Office updates the University’s affirmative action plans, which assess the inclusivity of women, underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, persons with disabilities, and covered veterans in the University’s employee workforce. The Office director co-leads and participates in the Equity Scorecard™ inquiry process designed to assist the University in closing achievement gaps of underrepresented and low-income students in the access, retention, completion, and excellence stages of their undergraduate experience.

          Sustaining a Nondiscriminatory Campus Environment

          Respect and integrity are core values of Edinboro University. Prohibited or unlawful discrimination is a form of disrespectful behavior. The Office is responsible for investigating complaints of unlawful harassment and other forms of prohibited discrimination. Additionally, the Office provides education on the University’s social equity policies.

          Fostering Gender Equity and Prohibiting Sex Discrimination

          Edinboro University receives Federal financial assistance. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities operated by recipients of Federal financial assistance. Sexual harassment, which includes acts of sexual violence, is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX.

          The Office director is the University’s Title IX coordinator, overseeing compliance with Title IX. The University’s Title IX coordinator works collaboratively with the Director of Athletics, who is the Title IX coordinator for matters pertaining to gender equity in athletics.

          About the Director of Social Equity

          Ronald A. Wilson, J.D., is a retired judge and former professor of African American Studies at the University of Arizona. He joined Edinboro University as the Chief Diversity Officer, Director of Social Equity, Open Records Officer and Title IX Coordinator in 2015.

          Wilson earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University and his Jurist Doctor from Northeastern University. In 1996, he received the Otto Snowden Community Fellowship from the Urban Law and Public Policy Institute.

          Wilson has been the recipient of the NAACP Rosa Parks Living History Makers Award, League of United Latin American Citizens’ Community Service Award and the Asa Philip Randolph Institute’s Ida B. Wells Social Justice Award. He also has received Certificates of Special Recognition from former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), the United States Department of Defense, the United States Department of Justice and the Arizona Supreme Court.