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          • 25 things to do before Aug. 25

          25 things to do before Aug. 25

          Follow this checklist to prepare for the fall semester at Edinboro University

          August 01, 2018

          25 things to do before Aug. 25
          1. E-Reg and First Day Attendance: All students are required to indicate their intent to attend classes for the fall and spring at Edinboro by the E-Reg option in MyEdinboro and attending the first class session of each course. This process also validates class schedules and financial aid. Students who do not attend the first class session will be removed from the class list, freeing seats for other students to add the course.
          1. Parking Passes: Before parking in the student lots across campus, students must register their vehicles through MyEdinboro and purchase a parking pass through the Edinboro University Campus Police Department. A yearly student parking decal is $75, and $25 for a replacement. A valid vehicle registration, driver’s license and student ID card must be presented when applying for a parking decal.
          1. Discover Edinboro’s college town: Edinboro University is situated within the Borough of Edinboro – a town of nearly 6,500 people in the southern portion of Edinboro. With a downtown that features convenience and grocery stores, family dining, craft shops and art galleries, Edinboro features everything you need during your first year. Also, visit the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) website to see the complete list of locations and campus bus loop schedule.
          1. BoroSync: All incoming Fighting Scots should join the Class of 2022 page on BoroSync, which is included in the MyEdinboro homepage. You can join with the group’s password: FightingScots2022 and use the page for all events on Welcome Weekend. You can also use the directory to find clubs and organizations and a comprehensive campus calendar.
          1. Connect on Social Media: There are many ways to connect with Edinboro University on social media. To keep current on events and news, follow Edinboro on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For first-year students, you can follow the Edinboro University Class of 2022 page. Additionally, many departments and programs feature their own individual pages. While you’re at it, create a LinkedIn account to start networking with professionals and showcasing your skills.
          1. Midnight Madness: Did you forget something at home? Shampoo, toothbrush, deodorant? Need to get some supplies at Walmart? Easy Mac, note cards, highlighters? Join us on Aug. 24 from 10 p.m. until 1 a.m. for shopping at Walmart. Special check-out lanes will be designated for Edinboro students. Free shuttle service – with ADA compliance – is available. Just pick up the shuttle in front of the Pogue Student Center, and when you are done shopping, catch a ride back from Walmart.
          1. Tips for Life at Edinboro: In Edinboro, we have snow. We also have some sunshine. That means you might need to bring flip-flops and winter boots. Plan your trip to Edinboro by figuring out what you need to bring. Also, tune up your laundry and cooking skills (Hint: Your Kraft EasyMac still needs water) and practice a few of them before you arrive at the end of August.
          1. Student ID: With your Edinboro University ID card, you can access your meal plan, enter the Fitness Center and many buildings, attend Fighting Scots athletics contents and load Boro Bucks. Edinboro’s policy is that students, faculty and staff carry their ID at all times. Visit www.edinboro.edu/ID to get started on registering for your ID. If you didn’t get your ID during Admitted Student Day or New Student Orientation, remember to visit the Pogue Student Center as soon as possible.
          1. Go Fighting Scots: Edinboro University is home to 17 varsity sports that compete in McComb Fieldhouse, Sox Harrison Stadium, the Doug Watts Cross County Course, the Mike Zafirovski Sports & Recreation Dome and the tennis courts. As an Edinboro student, you can attend most of these contests for free. Visit www.gofightingscots.com to download the fall schedule today.
          1. What to Bring to Edinboro (And What NOT to Bring): Too much stuff can easily crowd a room. Don’t forget to talk with your roommate about what he/she intends to bring. Here’s a brief list of items to consider when packing for college:
          • Alarm clock
          • Bedding (standard twin/double sheets, pillow cases, blankets, bedspread/comforter)
          • Desk lamp or other lights
          • Desk supplies (stapler, pens/pencils, calculator, tape, etc.)
          • First-aid kit (Band-Aids, topical antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, etc.)
          • Flashlight and batteries
          • Hair dryer
          • Laundry bag, detergent, fabric softener, clothing
          • Personal computer and printer (not required)
          • Posters, pictures and other decorative items (don’t forget Command hooks for hanging)
          • Power strips (with 15 amp circuit breaker and built-in surge protector)

          For safety reasons, we ask students to leave the following at home:

          • Alcohol (including empty bottles, containers or cans), even if you are 21 years of age or older
          • Candles or anything requiring an open flame: incense, potpourri, candle warmers, hookah
          • Extension cords
          • George Foreman or similar grills
          • Guns and or any look-alike weapons
          • Hot plates, toasters, crock-pots or other cooking appliances with exposed heating elements
          • Pets of any kind (except for fish in a 5 gallon tank, or smaller)
          1. Stay Healthy on Campus: Be sure to have a copy of your medical history and your health insurance card on file at the Ghering Health Center. Prior to coming to Edinboro, visit your family physician for a check-up and to discuss your options for vaccines. If you have taken the meningitis vaccine, submit a copy of those records to the health center. If you will be needing prescriptions filled, make sure your primary care physician has indicated that so our staff can assist you. If you need regular appointments, contact the Ghering Health Center at (814) 732-2743 for scheduling.
          1. Apps for Your Smart Phone: Load these 3 apps on you smart phone to make sure you have tools available at your fingertips. The EU Shield Safety App is one of the centerpieces of communication that Edinboro uses to notify students, faculty, staff and family about emergencies and weather-related events. The EdinboroU app gives you access to the mobile Edinboro University, with grades, course schedules, events and other campus information available 24/7. Finally, Fighting Scots sports fans will want to download the Go Boro! Rewards app to earn points for attending Edinboro athletics events.
          1. Information Technology Services: Does your laptop have the proper anti-virus protection and security software? Allow Information Technology Services (ITS) to help you prepare your technology for the first day of assignments to help you meet your academic needs. During the school year, you can visit ITS for help with email services, SCOTS support, equipment lending, wireless setup and support, data protection and recovery and data network connectivity. To speak to support staff directly, contact (814) 732-2111.
          1. Did We Mention Information Technology Services? We have two ITS points for preparation, because it’s THAT important. Follow the Tech Help social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, find help and ITS hours by logging into MyEdinboro and clicking on the Tech Help icon. Finally, configure your student email on your mobile device(s). First, log on to MyEdinboro. Next. Read how to Configure Your Student Email.
          1. Zero Shades (Title IX): This program is a kickoff to your sexual assault education and a way to increase the effectiveness of reporting. Students will understand what sexual assault is, learn how to get consent to prevent assault, be able to recognize the signs when assault has happened, and discuss how to support someone who has been assaulted. By attending this program, students will meet their required Title IX training at Edinboro University. For more information, visit http://www.collegiate-empowerment.org/zero.
          1. Classroom Finder: Nervous about being late your first class? Stop by the Highland Ambassadors table at Club Rush to sign up for a classroom locator time. The Highland Ambassadors will show you how to access your schedule (to check for any last minute changes) and then take you on a tour of your buildings to help you find your classrooms. Also, by installing the EU app, insert the address into GPS and the EU app will work with your navigation to deliver your step-by-step directions on how to get there. Lastly, nothing beats a good stroll across campus to locate your classroom and laboratories.
          1. Double Check Living Situation: With the amount of new and returning students finding their dorms and apartments early in the fall, it’s important to double check with the Residence Life & Housing Department to make sure everything is set for move-in day. It’s important to us that you’re settled, comfortable, rested and able to feel at home as you get involved on campus and work toward your academic success. If you have any questions at all, please contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing at boroliving@edinboro.edu.
          1. Roommate Tips: Communication is key to having and being a great roommate. If you know the name of your roommate before arriving at Edinboro, connect with them through social media and swap contact information. Suggestions to break the ice and start the conversation are made when you receive your housing assignment. When you arrive on campus, we suggest you take full advantage of our roommate agreement. This will allow you and your roommate(s) to set ground rules for your new home and to show respect for one another. Also chat with your roommate about who’s going to bring the coffee maker, gaming systems, television, microwave oven or small refrigerator (none of which are provided by Edinboro University).
          1. Club Rush – Join a Club: There’s no shortage of campus organizations to meet your interests or introduce you to a new skill or hobby. Attend Edinboro’s Club Rush on Sunday, Aug. 26, from noon until 3 p.m. to find the right fit for you. Edinboro University has more than 140 clubs and organizations to choose from, including Greek Life (6 sororities and 5 fraternities), Student Government Association (SGA), Highland Ambassadors and Campus Ministry. There’s no better way to meet people who share similar interests and be a part of campus life than by joining a student club or organization. Get a jump start by logging into BoroSync to browse our comprehensive list of clubs and organizations. Additionally, visit www.edinboro.edu/global to learn about long-term and short-term international studies.
          1. Textbooks: You can purchase or rent your textbooks – both new and used – from the Edinboro University Campus Bookstore. All books are organized by course and program department. Bring your course schedule with you to determine which books you might need. Consult with an associate at the bookstore at (814) 732-2456 to discuss paying with financial aid. Copies of most course material can be found at the Baron-Forness Library in the heart of campus.
          1. Stock Up on Edinboro Gear: At Edinboro, we are proud of our school colors – with red, white and tartan plaid being the common theme across campus. Whether you need a new Edinboro University ball cap, a Fighting Scots hoodie or crew neck sweatshirt or a professional kilt (Yes, we have those), visit the Edinboro Bookstore in the Pogue Student Center or online. At the beginning of each semester, the Edinboro Bookstore holds promotional sales for you and your family to stock up on Edinboro gear.
          1. Financial Aid: The Financial Aid Office at Edinboro University is dedicated to making a college education affordable and attainable for students and their families. Prior to your arrival at Edinboro, make sure all of your financial aid plans are in order and finalized so that you don’t have any last-minute surprises. Edinboro’s Financial Aid Office does its best to provide you with access to education through financial assistance from both state and federal programs. We make a conscious effort to reach out to those with exceptional economic and educational needs.
          1. Budget: Now that you are in college, it is time to learn how to budget your finances wisely. Keep in mind you will need to budget for both long term – student loans, car loans, your future; and short term – rent, books and daily activities. Using budgeting apps like Mint or Pocket Guard, you can take control of your personal finances on a daily basis. Visit www.edinboro.edu/budgeting for more tips.
          1. Indulge in Your Hometown: Before you depart for Edinboro, take a walk or a ride around your neighborhood. Visit your favorite local restaurant. Spend a day at your favorite community park and swim with your friends. Jump in the lake. Attend a concert. While these landmarks and locations aren’t going away for good, it’s special to visit them once last time before you begin your college career. And when you wrap up your last spring final, they’ll be waiting for you.
          2. Spend Time with Parents, Family and Friends: Your parents set rules for high school. Your little brother and sister borrowed your favorite clothing. Your best friend chose a college that’s three states away. Regardless of the circumstances, your family and friends have been the biggest cheerleaders of your academic career thus far. Show them how much they mean to you by spending some quality time with them. If they throw you a going-away party or have one last family dinner, make it count. You’ll do some growing during your first year at Edinboro. But your family and friends will be there.