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          • Edinboro University adds new programs

          Edinboro University adds new programs

          August 31, 2018

          Edinboro University adds new programs

          Edinboro University announced Tuesday the launch of 10 new programs and reconfigurations of existing offerings. The changes are further reflection of the University’s commitment to meeting the needs of students, employers and the regional and broader community.

          New offerings include:

          Accounting (major) – The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the demand for accountants will grow faster than most professions over the next 10 years due to the strong economy. Formerly housed under Business Administration, Edinboro’s accounting program is one of the best in the region. Our graduates have consistently been well-prepared to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accounting Exam (CPA) upon graduation.

          Applied Technical Leadership (major) – This Bachelor of Science degree program will allow students to advance their careers while remaining on the job. Those who already have an associate’s degree in a technical field can complete 100 percent of their coursework online.

          Community Arts (concentration within Art Education) – Building on Edinboro’s longtime strengths in education and art, this interdisciplinary program offers a unique opportunity to prepare for a career that allows students to share their talents and advocate for social justice. Our graduates will be well-positioned to use art as a medium to educate communities affected by poverty, drugs, violence and neglect.

          Data Analytics (both a major and a minor) – Big data is big business, and nearly every industry across the globe relies on tech-savvy individuals who can capture and analyze data. The foundation for this program is multidisciplinary, combining a background in math, computer science and statistics to ensure students are well prepared to best meet the growing demand for data analysts.

          Dyslexia (minor) – Dyslexia affects about 20 percent of the general population, and nearly 80 percent of those identified with learning disabilities have some form of dyslexia. Research shows that educational intervention can be highly effective in helping individuals with dyslexia achieve success. This minor within our School of Education’s Early Childhood and Reading Department, is designed for students passionate about helping those who struggle with dyslexia and its limitations.

          Fermentation Science (major) – Pharmaceutical fermentation, dairy fermentation and the craft beer and wine industries are growing at an exponential rate. The Fermentation Science program prepares graduates for positions in the food science, pharmaceutical and brewing industries. Interested students can be part of this exciting trend through enrollment in this new Bachelor of Science program.

          Forensic Anthropology (concentration within Anthropology) – Forensic anthropology is the scientific study of skeletal remains to aid law enforcement in solving crimes. Working with medical examiners, coroners, law enforcement officers and the legal community, forensic anthropologists identify remains by determining age at death, gender, height and race. Professionals working in this field also assist in locating missing persons and identifying remains following plane crashes and natural disasters.

          Geographic Information Science (major) – New career opportunities in GIS are emerging every day. Think about the person who takes photos for Google Earth, maps our routes for self-driving cars or plots the most efficient course for package delivery. Students enrolled in this program will reap the benefits from a curriculum that blends geography, cartography, computer science and photogrammetry (the use of photography in surveying and mapping). They will learn to store and display geographic data both in the classroom and through hands-on experience.

          Pre-Occupational Therapy (concentration within Health Sciences) – The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Pre-Occupational Therapy concentration will put students on the right path to apply to a professional school to earn a Master’s of Occupational Therapy (MOT) degree. Edinboro’s Pre-Occupational Therapy program offers a rigorous curriculum that is heavy on the sciences, including courses in kinesiology and exercise physiology that are required by well-known and well-respected MOT programs. Students will balance these courses with general education and core classes that will strengthen their critical-thinking skills and provide training in ethical decision making.

          Pre-Optometry (concentration within Health Sciences) – Optometry is a highly competitive field that requires intense doctoral-level preparation and state licensure. Edinboro’s new Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Pre-Optometry concentration will provide a laser-sharp focus on the development of skills needed to gain admittance to professional schools that prepare doctors of optometry.

          Edinboro’s Interim President Michael Hannan said the new offerings are the result of an extensive review of the university’s academic programs and a thorough analysis of market demands.

          “As a regional, comprehensive university, our role is to ensure we prepare students for fulfilling careers that meet the needs of the community, regionally and beyond,” Dr. Hannan said.

          Ninety-five percent of Edinboro graduates were employed or in graduate or professional school within a year of graduation in 2015-16, the most recent year for which the university has statistics. (Data for 2016-2017 graduates is being compiled.) At $49,974, our starting salary was above the average. Both are indications of the strength and relevance of our curriculum.

          Dr. Hannan said the University will review its academic offerings in an ongoing way, adjusting as needed as student interests and market needs evolve.