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          The development of green energy initiatives and sustainability projects at Edinboro University attests to our ambition to be a responsible and forward-thinking member of not only our local community but also of the larger world. As an academic institution we must lead by example and demonstrate to our students how to be responsible members of society. Transformation takes place in big and small ways, and with sustainable resources like the solar array on Scot Road and geothermal heating systems in several of our residence halls and academic buildings, Edinboro University is doing what it can to reduce its carbon footprint and help the environment.

          Over the last several years, the University has undertaken a number of initiatives to do its part in working toward an energy efficient future. Here are just a handful of the green initiatives that are ongoing on the Edinboro campus:

          • Geothermal heating systems are used in several campus buildings, including all eight residence halls in the Highlands at Edinboro student housing complex, the Jeremy D. Brown Human Services Building and the Cooper Science Center.
          • Motion sensors have been installed in many classrooms and offices to avoid unnecessary energy expense when the rooms are not in use. Additionally, lighting has been updated to more efficient compact fluorescent or LED where possible.
          • All buildings throughout campus feature recycling receptacles.
          • A high efficiency pool motor is used for the pool filtration system at McComb Fieldhouse.
          • The Facilities Office is working with the Biology Department to create low maintenance lawn areas along the stream corridor by cultivating native species of plants and wildflowers in lieu of manicured turf space which will decrease the amount of mowing required and provide a riparian buffer within our 100 year flood plain.
          • Better guidelines for acceptable temperatures in buildings and setting back of temperatures during unoccupied periods optimize operations, leading to less energy waste.

          Perhaps the best example of Edinboro University’s commitment to sustainability, however, is the solar array, located just off Scot Road near the Mike S. Za­rovski Sports & Recreation Center. Unveiled on Nov. 2, 2011, the array is a $1.16 million solar power generating system, capable of producing 227,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually – enough to power 23.5 average homes for an entire year – and offset 262 tons of annual carbon emissions.

          Future plans for the ongoing development of new and innovative green initiatives will include EU students, as well. The implementation of green initiatives by students will help them learn about the technologies and practices used in careers directly and indirectly related to sustainability, a fast-growing field.

          It is our hope that the implementation of the above mentioned initiatives, as well as future sustainability projects, will enhance the living and learning experience of our students, faculty and staff by offering a cleaner and more efficient learning and work environment.

          With reductions in state-based funding a standing concern, energy efficiency offers another benefit: It helps us reduce the cost of operating campus. The future of Edinboro University is a green one, marked by improved energy consumption efficiency, reduced greenhouse gas emission and a lessened environmental impact. Working hard to conserve natural resources and provide a sustainable tomorrow for our current, former and future students and employees is a priority for Edinboro University.