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          Dr. Jim Boulder
          Director of Learning Technology Services
          Office: Ross Hall, Room 19
          Phone: (814) 732-1047

          Distance Education

          Edinboro University’s Online Campus includes a variety of web-based programs and courses for graduate and undergraduate students, delivering flexible learning to your location.

          Distance Education Student

          Edinboro University recognizes that the work and family responsibilities of our students do not always allow for full-time on-campus programs. Our online students value the increased flexibility offered by our online course offerings. Night or day, any location with Internet access can become your classroom. 

          Before enrolling into an online program with Edinboro University, we recommend that you consider the attributes of a successful online student and reflect on your own qualities to determine if Edinboro’s Online Campus is the right choice for you.

          Characteristics of a Successful Online Learner

          Online learning offers some unique advantages over traditional classroom instruction. The nature of the online format often provides greater flexibility and convenience for students who have family and work commitments, as well as those restricted by their geographic location.

          Research indicates that the most successful online learners demonstrate a number of specific qualities. If you identify with the following characteristics then you should consider enrolling into an online program or course.

          Independently Motivated

          While some students favor a teacher to keep them focused and on-task, successful online learners are able to motivate themselves and set their own goals.

          Rarely Procrastinates

          While some students wait until the night before to write a paper or study for an exam, effective online learners plan their time. With knowledge that the unknown may upset their schedule, they pace themselves and divide their efforts to ensure that all tasks are completed with time to allow for reflection and revisions.

          Reads and Writes

          It may appear to be an obvious learner requirement, but research indicates that in many online courses a greater emphasis is placed on a student’s ability to read and write. Attending lectures and taking notes has been replaced with an expectation to grasp ideas and concepts sometimes through reading alone. Classroom discussions that are traditionally a verbal exercise now require online learners to express their opinions through writing. While an online course will likely include video and audio content and activities, reading and writing remain the prominent essential skills.

          Distraction Resistant

          Whether it’s your phone ringing, a snapchat popping up on your screen, the allure of beating your friend on Xbox Live again, or a new show to binge on Netflix, most of us can be easily distracted. Successful online learners either have or soon develop the ability to resist these distractions.