Theoretical Computer Science

Bachelor of Science | College of Science and Health Professions
Edinboro University

Open the door to a high-paying, high-demand profession.

Be the genius behind the next great computer system or application. Learn how to develop software or hardware, or manage computer networks that businesses rely on. It all starts with a degree in Computer Science at Edinboro University.

The curriculum in our Theoretical track is rigorous, but for good reason. It’s designed around national curriculum models, employment opportunities and admissions requirements for graduate schools.

You’ll find math at the heart of this program, with required courses in Analytic Geometry/Calculus, Applied Statistics/Data Analysis and other courses that build problem-solving skills. A combined Mathematics and Computer Science Department benefits you because you’ll have easy access to planning, scheduling and advising from one central office.

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Expert Faculty

Accomplished faculty instruct, guide, and inspire Edinboro students to achieve and lead. EU faculty are recognized for their commitment to student success and creating a personal and engaging academic environment.

Experiential Learning

The Edinboro experience extends well beyond the classroom. EU students prepare for careers and life through opportunities for hands-on learning, collaborative research with faculty, global travel, and internships.

Modern Facilities

Fighting Scots live, work, and play in state-of-the-art facilities on EU’s picturesque 585-acre campus. Located just 20 miles south of Erie, Pennsylvania’s fourth-largest city, Edinboro is bustling with exciting activities.

Be on the cutting-edge of new technology. says Software Engineer is the #8 best job in the country, with a median salary over $90,000. Your Edinboro degree can get you there.

Accreditation matters.

The Edinboro Computer Science Theoretical track is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Inc. (ABET), the trusted standard for the computing, engineering and engineering industries. When you graduate from an ABET-accredited program, your degree will have added value. Employers will recognize you as a well-prepared professional, ready to lead the way in innovation and emerging technologies. Among other things, ABET accreditation:

Supports your entry into the profession through licensure, registration and certification.

Verifies that your education meets the global standard for technical excellence.

Paves the way for you to work globally.

Enhances your employment opportunities.

Edinboro proud.

Our alumni represent us well. They work as software developers, system developers and senior build engineers all across the U.S. They credit their Edinboro degree with their success at prestigious companies such as:

AmTrust Financial Services

Applied Systems Associates




Northrup Grumman

Qorvo, Inc.

Virtu Financial


"Edinboro was key to me getting my internship at Argonne National Laboratory, which in turn got me another internship at Idaho National Laboratory, which in turn got me my first full-time job. With that strong start, I was able to move from eBay to Zapier to my current position with Visa. I currently lead solutions architecture across the 18 countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Every day is a new adventure as I travel around the region and work with interesting people from many different cultures."

Jason Kotenko, Class of 2007 - Senior Director, Solution Architecture for Visa Developer Platform, Visa, Singapore