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          Department of Art
          Doucette Hall, Room 113
          215 Meadville Street
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2406

          James Parlin, MFA
          Chairperson and Professor
          Office: Doucette Hall, 113
          Phone: (814) 732-1162

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          Student Publications

          Art Department students at Edinboro University are able to publish notable works in three publications: Chimera, Silvervision and ShopTalk.

          chimera art and literature journal

          Chimera is a journal of literature and art driven by a core group of student designers, writers and artists. Its intent is to foster a venue within which Edinboro University students are able to publish poetry, prose, and two- and three-dimensional art that is designed and managed on a professional level. Through these efforts, the journal hopes to promote an environment of art and culture that transcends traditional boundaries, barriers and prejudices. Inclusion of work is student-based, while dissemination is community driven and international in scope. Chimera is governed by a board of at least three faculty advisors (one each from English and Theatre Arts, Graphic Design and the Fine Arts), and at least seven students (each holding one of the following positions with optional team members: Managing Editor, Art/Creative Director, Literary Editor, Production Managing, Jury Managing, Promotions Manager and Secretary). Chimera will adhere to all laws and bylaws laid out in the EUSGA Inc. constitution pertaining to the conduct and governing of a University program.

          Edinboro Photo Club annual publication

          Silvervision is an annual publication juried and assembled by the Edinboro Photo Club and designed by students of the graphic design program. Each issue showcases photographers whose conceptual prowess is articulated through various photographic fields and subject matter that open up a discussion about the arts and its relationship to our contemporary culture.

          ShopTalk is a compendium of interviews with leading practitioners and professionals from the world of visual art, and is produced by MFA candidates enrolled in Graduate Seminar in Fine Arts. ShopTalk is edited by Associate Professor Terry McKelvey. Since its inception in 2004, seven volumes of Shoptalk have been published, and 52 artists interviewed.

          Production of Shoptalk is made possible by support from the graduate area of the Department of Art, with additional funding from the School of Graduate Studies and Research and the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Shoptalk is designed by graphic design senior undergraduates, with generous assistance from graphic design faculty Shelle Barron and Brigette Davitt. 

          ShopTalk, Volume 7

          ShopTalk, Volume 6

          ShopTalk, Volume 5