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          Dr. Nina Thumser
          Chairperson & Internship Director
          Office: Cooper Hall, Room 126C
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          Jobs and Internships

          This page is a resource for undergraduate students enrolled in Edinboro’s Biology and Health Services program who are seeking internships, summer research programs or careers.

          Internship Information

          Internships are a very unique and hands-on way of gaining applicable experience while taking classes. The list of internship sites for our Biology and Health Sciences students is lengthy and very impressive. Among the possible internship locations are:

          Harvard University 

          National Aquarium 

          Front Royal Research Branch of the Smithsonian Institution 

          Pennsylvania Game Commission

          United States Forest Service

          Pa. Department of Environmental Protection 

          Virginia Aquarium Stranding Center

          University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 

          Allegheny County Morgue 

          Pittsburgh Zoo 

          For additional information or assistance, please contact the Biology and Health Services Internship Coordinator, Dr. Nina Thumser, at (814) 732-2158 or 

          Career Information

          When you choose to earn a degree in the Biological Sciences, many career options are open to you. The EU Center for Career Development can assist students at the onset of their professional lives with many outstanding services, including building resume, interviewing and networking skills and offering numerous job fair opportunities annually both on- and off-campus. Listed below are links to a few careers available through a degree in Biology, Environmental Science (Biology), Medical Technology, and Nuclear Medicine Technology.

          Careers in Biology 

          Careers in Mammalogy at the American Society of Mammalogists

          Careers in Ichthyology at the American Society of Ichs and Herps

          Careers in Microbiology at the American Society for Microbiology 

          Guide to Zoological Park Careers at SeaWorld/Busch Gardens 

          Careers in Biology at American Institute of Biological Sciences 

          Occupational Outlook at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 

          Careers in Ecology at the Ecological Society of America 

          Careers in Botany at the Botanical Society of America

          Bioinformatics Careers at BioPlanet 

          Careers in Environmental Science 

          Careers in Ecology at the Ecological Society of America

          Environmental Careers Resource Guide at the US EPA

          Careers in the US Fish and Wildlife Service 

          Careers in Marine Biology from the Hopkins Marine Station 

          Careers in Medical Technology

          Medical Laboratory Careers at American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP)

          Careers in Nuclear Medicine Technology 

          Careers in Nuclear Medicine at the Society for Nuclear Medicine 

            Alumni Success Stories

            • Nicole Catazarite ’14, BS Biology–Pre-medical, is a medical student at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie, Pa.
            • Samantha Synder ’11, BS Biology–Pre-medical, is a medical student at Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences, Poland.
            • Isis Kuczaj ’09, BS Biology, is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University. She is studying disease ecology, with a focus on the Lyme disease system.
            • Dr. Erin Gorney ’06, BS Biology–Pre-veterinary, is an associate at Glenwood Pet Hospital in Erie, Pa.
            • John Laskos ’05, BS Environmental Sciences, is a PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources environmental education specialist at Presque Isle State Park, Erie, Pa.
            • Dr. Jeffrey Law ’03, BS Biology, is an assistant professor of biology at Daemen College, Amherst, N.Y.
            • Dr. Drew Carlin ’02, BS Biology–Pre-dental, is a practicing pediatric dentist with Beautiful Smiles-Children’s Dental Health, Erie, Pa.
            • Dr. Carmen Quatman ’02, BS Biology–Pre-medical, is a 4th year orthopedic surgery resident (of a 5-year program) at Ohio State University Medical Center with a long-term career plan to specialize in geriatric trauma and musculoskeletal fragility, from both a clinical and research practice.
            • Dr. Blake Hoppe ’00, BS Biology, is a clinical professor at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie, Pa.
            • Dr. Eric Wiser ’96, BS Biology–Pre-medical, is a successful family physician currently practicing in Portland, Oregon, and he has endowed an EU scholarship for pre-med students.
            • Dr. David Steadman ’73, BS Biology, works at the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Department of Biology, University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla.