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          Biology and Health Sciences Department
          Cooper Hall, Room 126
          230 Scotland Road
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2500

          Dr. Nina Thumser
          Chairperson & Internship Director
          Office: Cooper Hall, Room 126C
          Phone: (814) 732-2158

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          Resources and Facilities

          Cooper Hall is the location of the Office of the Department of Biology and Health Services. It’s also the chief academic building for Science and Health Professions.

          Hands on experience for students in Cooper Hall

          The department is equipped with facilities for both undergraduate and graduate programs in biology. There are nine teaching labs, as well as a number of research and independent study labs. The facilities include a greenhouse, museum, herbarium, a computer facility, and molecular biology and aquatic research laboratories. During the summer, students have the opportunity to attend terrestrial and freshwater ecology classes at the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology in Linesville, Pennsylvania, through a consortial agreement between Edinboro University and the University of Pittsburgh.


          The Department of Biology and Health Sciences has access to high-tech and advanced equipment for its students and faculty to use in order to conduct research, use in the classroom and gain a deeper understanding of the world. Some examples of the equipment are:

          • Olympus BX50 Research Microscope
          • Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine
          • Thermo Scientific Thermal Cycler
          • Thermo Scientific - 80o Freezer
          • Sorvall RC6+ Centrifuge
          • Wallace 1409 OSA Liquid Scintillation Counter