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          Program Objectives (Mathematics)

          To help students achieve success, EU’s Math and Computer Science Department strives to meet specific program objectives.

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          Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

          • Objective 1: Graduates will be able to explain the fundamental concepts of:
            • Real analysis of one variable
            • Calculus of several variables and vector analysis
            • Linear algebra and the theory of vector spaces
            • Probability and statistics
          • Objective 2: Graduates will be able to demonstrate basic manipulative skills by:
            • Using techniques of calculus of one and several variables
            • Solving problems using differentiation and integration
            • Transforming and manipulating statements involving formulas and algorithms
          • Objective 3: Graduates will be able to interpret and solve mathematical problems by:
            • Selecting appropriate mathematical tools
            • Selecting and implementing technology when appropriate
            • Communicating the results in written and oral form
          • Objective 4: Graduates will be able to demonstrate understanding of mathematical proof by:
            • Applying the structure and results of existing proofs to establish new mathematical results
            • Employing a variety of established logical techniques to write a mathematical proof
            • Distinguishing between valid and invalid/incomplete logical reasoning
          • Students in the Actuarial concentration cover all the above objectives (except for 1e, covering abstract algebra), and the following additional objectives:
            • A1. Gain an understanding of interest theory, annuities, discounts, and funds from a mathematical and financial viewpoint.
            • A2. Apply statistical models for description, prediction, and inference based on data samples.
            • A3. Attain an understanding of the fundamental factorswhich influence the economy in the context of micro-and macroeconomics.
            • A4. Prepare for professional examinations through the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society.
            • A5. Gain an understanding of professional opportunities and responsibilities of the future actuary.