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          Room Scheduling Questions and Answers

          Where do I make a reservation?

          Current EU Faculty, Staff, and Students – go to your EU Portal and click on the “Conference Services” icon.
          External Clients – click on the EMS Reservation Request Form link on this page.

          What are the benefits of the new reservation system?

          EMS is the campus scheduling software that includes most spaces on campus. It is a one-stop shop that also includes campus services like catering, AV support, and facilities set ups and tear downs.

          What is my User ID?

          Current EU Faculty, Staff, and Students – this will be your current EU username and password.
          External Clients – log in as a guest user, and no username and password is required.

          How do I submit a reservation request?

          Log in to EMS and select the “Create a Reservation” tab (located on the left menu bar). Click on “Book Now” to start the process.

          STEP 1 - WHEN & WHERE
            1. In the Date & Time section located on the left of the screen, enter or click on the calendar icon to select one date, or range (recurrence) of dates for our event.
            2. In the Time section, enter the Start Time and End Time in the blank fields or select the dates using the calendar icons to the right of the fields.
            3. Select the Location you wish to use based on criteria that you choose.  
              - Click on the room name to view building details, room details, setup types, and features.
              - Choose a location by clicking the +, left of the room you wish to request.
            4. Enter your event’s expected Number of Attendees and Set Up Type
            5. Click Add Room. Your room will be displayed in the Selected Rooms area at the top of the page.
            6. Click the Next Step button on the right.
          STEP 2 - SERVICES
            1. To the left of the page is a list of available services for the room you selected. In each category, click the arrow to see the available resources. 
            2. Click on the resource you desire for the event.
            3. Indicate how many you would like and any special instructions for it.
            4. Click okay. This resource will then be shown on the right of the page under Services Summary.
            5. Click the Next Step button on the right.
            1. After clicking the Details tab you will need to add specific information to your room request. Complete the necessary information. Required information is included by a red asterisk *.
            2. Click Create Reservation when complete.

          How do I schedule a recurring meeting?

          Next to the date selection, there is a button that says “Recurrence.”  When you click this button, a window pops up asking about how often the event will repeat, start and end date, and start and end time.  BE CAREFUL – once you go through the process of selecting a room for a recurring event, make sure to check at the top of the page if there are any days that the room you selected isn’t available, as you may need to make another room choice for certain dates.

          How can I see what a room looks like?

          Under “Browse” on the left menu bar, go to “Locations.”  When you find a room you’d like to see, click on it, and a window will pop up.  If there is an image of the room available, you will find it there.

          Am I able to view/search on room capacity/type?

          Yes. Under “Browse” on the left menu bar, go to “Locations.”  When you find a room you’d like to see, click on it, and a window will pop up.  Set up types, with their capacities, are listed there.

          I received the error message “First Available Booking Date Violation.”  What does this mean?

          There may be a scheduling constraint that prevents scheduling the space or the room.  For example, campus spaces are required to be scheduled 48 hours in advance.  If you are trying to request space too close to the date of the event, the system denies it.  If there is an urgent need for space and you are receiving this message, please contact Conference Services at 732-2425.

          How far in advance can rooms be scheduled?

          Classrooms for events may be scheduled per academic semester. Most other spaces can be scheduled 365 days in advance.

          How long will it take to hear back about my request?

          You should hear back within 48 hours regarding your request, however some requests may take up to 72 hours.

          How do you handle last minute changes?

          Please contact the Conference Services Office for any last minute changes, however, there is no guarantee these changes can be accommodated/made.

          What is the thin color bar I see attached to certain events in EMS?

          This is “buffer” time and prevents events from taking place back to back without the scheduler’s permission. This is typically needed between events to give any service providers (labor crew, custodial, catering, etc) time to get in re-set the room for the following event.  This time can be adjusted on a case by case basis.

          Who do I contact if I have additional questions/problems using the room reservation system?

          Office of Conference Services - (814) 732-2425.