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          Online Scholarship Sources

          Several reputable online resources are available that list outside scholarship opportunities and information. 

          Hispanic Scholarship Fund

          The nation’s largest provider of college financial aid to Latino students.


          Lists various scholarships and tips for applying.

          Information on external scholarships, loan options, and more.

          Important Information to Avoid Scams: 

          Internet searches are another great way to find free money, but caution is a must. While there are many reputable websites such as those listed above, many other sites will try to scam students and families out of money and even their identity. Here are some red flags:

          • You must pay a fee (any fee) to apply for the scholarship.
          • You must provide a credit card number or your bank or savings account information to apply for the scholarship.
          • You don’t need to do anything (or do very little) to apply.
          • The offer “guarantees” that you will be given a scholarship.
          • The offer includes no contact information, such as a valid email address, phone number and mailing address (a PO Box does not count).
          • You never applied for the scholarship.
          • You must attend a free seminar to be considered for the scholarship.
          • The offer includes official-sounding words like “national” or “federal” or has an official looking seal.
          • The offer says there are millions in unclaimed scholarship dollars waiting for you.
          • The offer is filled with typos and spelling errors. For example, “scholarship” is spelled “scholorship.”

          For more information and and advice on applying for various scholarships and avoiding scams, visit