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          Information Technology Services

          Information Technology Services at Edinboro University is responsible for identifying and delivering quality service and solutions that meet the information technology needs of faculty, staff and students.


          The purpose of Information Technology Services is to provide the services and environment which:

          • Enable students to use technology to meet their academic needs by providing access to technology;
          • Enable the faculty to use technology for the creation of effective learning environments and for incorporation of developments within specific disciplines;
          • Enable all members of our community to use technology to conduct the business of the University efficiently and effectively. To that end, Technology and Communications will achieve its goals in a manner that is responsive to the University community and reflective of the institution’s resources and priorities by providing technology leadership, empowering users to work productively, maintaining a service orientation, and working cooperatively and collaboratively with all departments to fulfill the University’s mission. To that end, Technology and Communications offers services such as:

            • Technology Help Center
            • Email services
            • S.C.O.T.S. support
            • Video conferencing
            • Equipment lending
            • Wireless set-up assistance
            • Distance education
            • Instructional design
            • Anti-Virus/Malware services
            • Classroom technology support
            • Electronic recycling services
            • Data protection and recovery
            • Telecommunications services
            • Computer lab services
            • Data network connectivity
            • Student technology support

          Current students, faculty and staff can visit our Information Technology Services page at for more information.