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          Purchasing and Contract Office
          220 McNerney Hall
          300 Scotland Road, 2nd Floor
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-2704
          Fax: (814) 732-2281
          Hours: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.,
          Monday – Friday

          Information for Vendors

          The Purchasing and Contracts Office offers information below that is necessary for vendors interested in contracting with the University.

          Vendors wanting to do business with Edinboro University need to register at PASSHE’s eProcurement Exchange. Registration is a free process that takes only a few minutes. Once registered, suppliers may obtain all solicitation documents, receive notification of solicitation updates, and submit and update their confidential proposals online.

          View proposed Sole Sources and proposed Emergency Purchase Order (EPOs) at PASSHE’s eProcurement Exchange.

          Searching Tip: To find ‘Sole Source’ or ‘Emergency (EPO)’ Bids, use the BID TYPE NAME filter.

          Sole source contracts will be posted for seven calendar days prior to approval for public comments and also posted for 30 days following approval.

          Please submit any comments or questions to:
          Darla Spaid
          Director of Purchasing & Contracts
          Edinboro University, 220 McNerney Hall, 2nd Floor
          300 Scotland Road
          Edinboro, PA 16444

          A contract may be awarded for an item without the necessity of bidding when the Contracting Officer determines in writing that one of the following statutory conditions exist:

          • Only a single contractor is capable of providing the product or service;
          • A federal or state statute or federal regulation exempts the products or service from competitive procurements;
          • The total cost of the product or service is less than $19,700.00;
          • It is clearly not feasible to award the contract on a competitive basis;
          • The services involve the repair, modification or calibration of equipment and the work is to be performed by the manufacturer of the equipment or by an authorized dealer, provided the Contracting Officer determines that bidding is not appropriate under the circumstances, or
          • The contract is in the best interest of the Commonwealth.

          Emergency Contracts are permissible when the Contracting Officer or her designee’s determines that there is a threat to public health, safety and welfare or circumstances outside the control of the University create an urgency of need which necessitates the suspension or normal bidding and review of requirements.

          When possible two bids should be secured. These do not have to be in writing. However, written documentation of the basis for the emergency and for the selection of the contractor must be included in the contract file and sent in the form of a certification when the contract is submitted for legal review after the work is completed.

          The following items are required for all Emergency Contracts:

          • Written Scope of Work
          • Contractor’s written documentation of its bid
          • Performance and Payment Bonds (if required)
          • Prevailing Wage Determination (if required)

          Standard Purchase Orders: This is the basic purchasing document for procurement of supplies and equipment for a one-time purchase.

          Confirming Purchase Orders: This is a verbal purchase order number given out by the Purchasing and Contracts Office. This process is used for emergency orders. A hard copy of the purchase order won’t be mailed unless requested.

          Blanket Purchase Orders: Issued for multiple purchases from one vendor throughout the fiscal year. Vendor should invoice each time an order is placed against this blanket order and reference the Blanket Purchase Order Number on all invoices.

          Procurement (Visa) Card: University credit card provided to employees based on their need to purchase business-related goods.

          Please be advised that it is the University’s policy to purchase either on the basis of a written purchase order or an Edinboro University (Visa) credit card. In rare cases where a critical situation exists and/or the purchase value exceeds the credit card dollar limit, the Purchasing and Contracts Office may issue a verbal purchase order. These are the only authorized methods of purchase for the University.

          If you provide goods or services based on an unauthorized request, the University cannot guarantee payment of the resulting invoice. If you have any questions concerning the validity of a request for purchase from your business, please contact the Purchasing and Contracts Office at (814) 732-2704.

          Purchase orders are acceptable only at prices stated. Goods ordered shall comply with all Federal and State laws. No charges allowed for packing, reels, packages or cartage unless specified on the order. Shipment must be made by date specified. Materials will be received subject to inspection and, if found defective or not in accordance with specifications, will be returned at vendor’s expense. Quantities ordered must not be exceeded unless authority for small deviations is specified in the order. Truck deliveries will only be accepted during working hours. No tax shall be included in the price.

          Edinboro University is exempt from provisions of Fair Trade laws and the Pennsylvania Sales Tax. The Sales and Use Tax Regulations provide that exemption certificates are not required for sales made to government entities.

          Transportation charges must be prepaid except when noted. Receipted prepaid carrier bills shall be submitted with invoice.

          Send itemized invoices promptly upon shipment, as directed on order. Each purchase order should be invoiced separately.

          Show purchase order number on all invoices, packages, delivery slips and correspondence. The name of shipper shall also be identified on all shipments.

          Questions concerning commodities should be directed to the Purchasing Office. Any correspondence concerning invoices, or the payment of bills should be directed to the Accounts Payable Office.

          The University’s standard payment terms are Net 30 days.

          Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is exempt from Pennsylvania Sales Tax. However, any contractor doing business with the University remains liable for the payment of sales and use tax on all materials and fixtures he/she purchases or uses for the purpose of fulfilling his/her contract, even though the work is being performed for a governmental instrumentality. University tax exemption certificates cannot be provided to contractors or sub-contractors.

          Edinboro University is exempt from all excise taxes imposed by the Internal Revenue Service.

          All bids will be posted at PASSHE’s eProcurement Exchange website. New vendors to this website will need to register to view any solicitations. To register, go to PASSHE’s eProcurement Exchange and click on the ‘Register’ tab. Once registered, click on the Solicitations tab to view the bid documents. A “Vendor Quickstart Guide” is also available to assist in the registration process. This will allow you to view all bids for the PASSHE Universities that use this site.

          All invoices must be sent to:

          Edinboro University
          Accounts Payable Office
          216 McNerney Hall
          300 Scotland Road
          Edinboro, PA 16444


          The Purchase Order number must be shown on all invoices, packages, delivery slips and correspondence. The name of the shipper and pertinent shipping information should be identified on all shipments.

          All transportation charges must be prepaid unless special arrangements are made in advance. Purchase orders will show the specific campus department and street address where deliveries must be made. Otherwise, the Earlley Hall Facilities Office location may be found at:

          Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
          Lawrence Towers
          150 Perry Lane
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
          Closed: Noon – 1 p.m. and Holidays

          Please note: All packing lists must reference EU Purchase Order Number so that purchase order and packing list may be traced to your invoice.

          A bidder or offeror, a prospective bidder or offeror, or a prospective contractor that is aggrieved in connection with the solicitation or award of a contract under the Commonwealth Procurement Code, except as provided in 62 Pa.C.S.A. § 521 (relating to cancellation of invitations for bids or requests for proposals) may file a protest with the Office of the Chancellor, State System of Higher Education, 2986 North Second Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110.

          A copy of any protest must also be simultaneously mailed to the Office of the President, Edinboro University, 219 Meadville Street, Reeder Hall, Edinboro, PA 16444.

          If the protestant is a bidder or offeror or a prospective contractor, the protest must be filed with the Office of the Chancellor at the aforementioned address within seven (7) days after the aggrieved bidder or offeror or prospective contractor knew or should have known of the facts giving rise to the protest. In no event may a protest be filed later than seven (7) days after the date the contract was awarded.

          If the protestant is a prospective bidder or offeror, a protest must be filed with the Office of the Chancellor at the aforementioned address prior to the bid opening time or the proposal receipt date.

          If a bidder or offeror, a prospective bidder or offeror, or a prospective contractor fails to file a protest, or files an untimely protest, the bidder or offeror, the prospective bidder or offeror or the prospective contractor will have waived its right to protest the solicitation or award of the contract in any forum. The State System of Higher Education shall disregard protests that are filed untimely.

          A protest must state all grounds upon which the protestant asserts the solicitation or award of the contract was improper. The protestant may submit with the protest any documents or information it deems relevant to the protest.

          Upon receipt of the protest, the Office of the Chancellor will render a decision in accordance with the procedures outlined within the Commonwealth Procurement Code, 62 Pa.C.S.A. §1711.1 et seq.

          If the protest is denied, a protestant may file an appeal with Commonwealth Court within fifteen days of the mailing date of a final determination denying a protest. Issues not raised by the protestant before the State System of Higher Education are deemed waived and may not be raised before the court.

          In the event a protest is filed timely, and until the time has elapsed for the protestant to file an appeal with Commonwealth Court, the University shall not proceed further with the solicitation or with the award of the contract, unless and until the University, after consultation with the Office of the Chancellor, makes a written determination that the protest is clearly without merit, or that the award of the contract without delay is necessary to protect substantial interests of the commonwealth.

          If, before execution of a contract, it is determined that a solicitation or proposed award of a contract was in violation of law, the head of the purchasing agency may do one of the following:

          • Cancel the solicitation.
          • Change the solicitation to comply with law.
          • Reject all bids or proposals or those parts of the bids or proposals that were affected by the violation.
          • Change or cancel the award to comply with law.

          If, after the execution of a contract, it is determined that a solicitation or award of a contract was in violation of law, and if the contractor did not act fraudulently or in bad faith, the contract may be:

          • Ratified and affirmed provided it is determined by the purchasing agency that doing so is in the best interest of the Commonwealth.
          • Modified to comply with the law with the consent of all parties.
          • Cancelled and the contractor shall be compensated for the actual expenses reasonably incurred under the contract prior to termination. Such compensation shall not include loss of anticipated profit, loss of use of money, or administrative or overhead costs.

          If the contractor has acted fraudulently or in bad faith, the contract may be:

          • Declared void.
          • Modified to comply with law with the consent of all parties.
          • Ratified and affirmed, provided it is determined by the purchasing agency, if that action is in the best interests of the Commonwealth and without prejudice to the right of the agency to damages, as may be appropriate.

          The Office of Purchasing and Contracts will comply with bidding procedures that are required by affirmative action laws. The University encourages the use of women-owned, minority and small or disadvantaged business firms. Vendors are encouraged to obtain minority or women-owned business certifications. Contact the Office of Purchasing and Contracts for details.

          The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a Reciprocal Limitations Act that imposes procurement restrictions against those states that have imposed restrictions against purchases from our state, or other states. For example, if a state prohibits the purchase of a specific product from any other state, Pennsylvania will prohibit the purchase of that same item from the state that imposes such restrictions. If a state gives its in-state vendors a preferred status (e.g. bid percentage allowance), Pennsylvania will reciprocate with a similar limitation against that state’s bidders. For most bids, suppliers are required to indicate the state of manufacture of particular items being purchased.