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          Choosing to return to Edinboro University to complete your degree can be one of the best decisions you make. With our professional environment, experienced supportive faculty and academic standards, you get the triple threat of education that will truly prepare you to potentially take your career where you want it to go.

          EU is committed to helping all students fulfill their dreams of earning a degree. The following information will assist students who plan to return to EU navigate the reinstatement process. Any questions can be directed to the Records & Registration Office in Hamilton Hall.

          • Individuals whose enrollment at Edinboro University has lapsed for at least one academic semester or undergraduate students who have previously withdrawn from the University must make application for reinstatement to the Office Records and Registration.
          • Reinstatement into any academic major is subject to the approval of the dean of the appropriate school.
          • Students who for any reason have interrupted their enrollment at Edinboro University for a period exceeding one calendar year are subject to the curriculum and graduation requirements in effect at the time of their reinstatement.
          • Reinstated students who return to the University within one calendar year of their last enrollment have the option of continuing under the curriculum and graduation requirements for which they were responsible when they left the institution.
          • Students seeking reinstatement after an absence of less than a year, may resume their previous program curriculum; or, if a curriculum change has occurred since their original start date, they may opt to move to the new program curriculum.
          • Financial obligations to the University will preclude reinstatement.
          • Students under disciplinary suspension will not be considered for reinstatement until the terms of the suspension sanction have been met. Exceptions may be considered by the president of the University upon the recommendation of the Vice President for Student Affairs.
          • Students under academic suspension for the first time will be considered for reinstatement provided at least one academic semester has elapsed since suspension. Students suspended a second time will not normally be reinstated. Exception may be considered by the academic deans. Students requesting reinstatement from suspension or who were on probation at the time of withdrawal may be subject to conditions for reinstatement such as reduced course load, repetition of specific courses, taking new program requirements, required participation in the Academic Success Center or referral to the Fresh Start Program.

          Resources for Returning Students

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