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          Frequently Asked Questions


          New Students:

          How do I get my Housing Agreement? 

          After you have been accepted to Edinboro University, you will be asked to commit by paying a $100 tuition deposit and, if you’re not commuting from home, a $75 housing deposit. Housing deposits, like the tuition deposit, are paid online. Once you’ve done this, you can proceed to the housing application by clicking the link at the bottom of the e-deposit submission page. You can apply through myEdinboro by clicking the S.C.O.T.S. icon and then the myHousing link. You are strongly encouraged to submit your deposit and complete your housing application as early as possible so that you are afforded the best opportunity to select the specific type of housing that is best suited to you.

          Is there a Housing Deposit?

          Yes, a $75 deposit is to be submitted online along with the Housing Agreement.

          How do I get my preferred room or suite type?  

          By promptly completing your online housing agreement, you’ll assist us in honoring your request. Please know that there are only a limited number of room types. Single rooms are generally not available to new students, because returning students and those who return materials early choose those spaces.

          How do I request a specific roommate?

          Note the potential roommate’s name on your housing application. Both you and your desired roommate must make the request for the other for the department to honor the request. Spaces will not be held awaiting a preferred roommate.

          I have a disability and require an accessible room. What do I do?

          If you require an accessible room accommodation, please indicate that request on the Housing Agreement.

          How will I know if I have been placed in housing?

          Once a housing assignment is made, you can view the assignment on your S.C.O.T.S. account.

          My first choice of room was not available—what happened?

          Due to a limited number of available room types in each building, returning students have the option of selecting rooms first. During the spring, incoming first year students begin to receive their room assignments, available on the SCOTS MyHousing portal.

          I saw my assignment and want to change it.

          Generally, Residence Life staff is aware that each new semester brings transition and change. Students get to know their roommates, suitemates and neighbors while taking new courses. The roommate agreement is also explored by each student to describe on paper what their living preferences entail, specifically noting daily habits and whether or not to share food, clothing or routines around eating, sleeping and studying. We strongly suggest that roommates allow at least 2 weeks to focus on classes, reading and assignments before requesting a room change. After the semester begins, students are invited to participate in “room change”. During room change, students can easily change rooms within their building; please visit the Graduate Hall Coordinator during their office hours for more information. For inquiry about moving to another building, students need to contact Residence Life and Housing directly.

          How do I request to bring my pet?

          Simply complete the Student Housing Application & the Pet Housing Application with the required documents on SCOTS. Your housing assignment will be a single room.

          Is there green space to walk my dog nearby?

          Yes. Towers is located near an abundance of green space and is also conveniently located on Perry Lane. There are also walking trails across the street.

          I want to live in a Living Learning Community but my roommate is of a different major. Can my roommate still be assigned to me?

          With the exception of Honors in Highlands 1, your roommate can be of a major different within the Living Learning Community.

          When can I look up my housing assignment on the MyHousing portal?

          Once you’ve been admitted to the University and have paid your $100 Advanced Tuition Deposit, you’ll receive information about housing options, Living-Learning, instructions for selecting housing. The booklet will walk you through submitting your $75 housing deposit online and provide you with a wealth of information about the housing and meal plan options. If you’re entering in the fall semester, this information begins to be sent in late March. If you’re entering in the spring semester or summer, the information is sent upon receipt of the advanced tuition deposit. The housing deposit and online Housing Agreement must be completed in order to have your request processed. You must provide proof of receiving the meningitis vaccine, or sign a waiver stating your reason for not receiving it—to comply with Pennsylvania law. Residence hall assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis and based on availability within any given facility. You may log in to the portal at my.edinboro.edu and check your S.C.O.T.S. account for housing information. 

          Why can’t my parents just handle this?

          Now that you are a college student the responsibility now shifts to you. It’s the law! Only limited “directory information” will be shared unless a student has requested that it be withheld. Grade or disciplinary action cannot be shared with anyone without your permission unless required by the law. We encourage our students to maintain open dialog with their families throughout their studies, and not just when bills are due. Learn more about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. 

          General Housing:

          How can I get involved in the residence halls?

          Residence Hall Association is the group that promotes residential living and activities within each of the residence halls. RHA meets weekly during the academic year.

          How big are the rooms and what’s included?

          See the Room Sizes & Features and the Detailed Room Dimension guides for dimensions and room amenities. 

          What size are the beds?


          Double Suite and Semi-Suite rooms: Standard twin beds 
          Single Rooms in Suites and Semi Suites: Full beds 
          Single Studio Rooms: Full beds
          Double Studio Rooms: Bed sizes vary

          Traditional Halls

          Standard twin beds

          What if I don’t have verification of my meningitis vaccine?

          Include a note on the housing agreement that you have received it, or will be receiving the vaccine, and bring the documentation with you when you arrive to pick up your residence hall key. Don’t delay in completing your housing agreement. We may not permit a student to reside on campus without proof of the vaccination or a signature on a waiver.

          I am not sure about how I will adapt to living with a roommate, what are some suggestions to help?

          COMMUNICATION is the key to a great roommate relationship. Suggestions to break the ice and start the conversation are made when you receive your housing assignment. When you arrive on campus, we suggest you take full advantage of our roommate agreement. This will allow you and your roommate(s) to set ground rules for your new home and to show respect for one another. The residence hall staff members are also trained and willing to assist you in getting to know people who live in your residence hall community. Expand your circle of friends beyond your roommate or suitemates.

          How long may I live on campus?

          You may live on campus as long as you’re enrolled at the University. The University is committed to student success. To that end, undergraduate students who are single and under the age of 25 years old and have not achieved 60 credits are required to live on campus for two consecutive academic years, excluding the summer sessions, unless they commute from a family home that is within 50 miles of the campus. 

          Are there laundry facilities in the halls?  What is the cost?

          Yes, and they are free to on-campus students. Each residence hall offers ample machines, both washers and dryers, for student use. The location of the laundry facilities will be discussed at your first floor meeting.

          What should I bring?

          See this list of Things to Bring.

          What do the hall staff members do?

          Hall staff members assist residents with academic and personal concerns and provide supervision in the residence halls. They’re also responsible for getting to know their residents and creating dynamic and positive communities.  These are graduate and returning students who are knowledgeable of campus resources and make referrals; they receive training each semester and participate in ongoing in-service training throughout the year. Some of the areas of training include:  

          • Roles and responsibilities of the residence hall staff 
          • Growth and development of college students 
          • Adjustment problems in the college years 
          • Peer counseling and mentoring 
          • Safety and security; Crime and fire prevention 
          • Addressing crisis situations 
          • Educational Success Programming: time management, study skills, diversity, health and wellness, community involvement and volunteerism, career planning, stress management, personal finance and budgeting

          May I break my housing agreement?

          Edinboro University strongly believes in the academic advantage offered to students who reside in the residence halls. Students who live on campus, as opposed to off campus or commuting form home, tend to have higher grade point averages, tend to graduate in a more timely fashion and report a higher satisfaction with their overall living experience. Therefore, the University is committed to on-campus housing. It is important to note that the student housing agreement is a legally binding agreement, and you’re held financially responsible for the terms of the agreement once the agreement is submitted to the University. However, requests to be released will be considered in extenuating circumstances.  

          Should problems arise concerning a roommate or another issue, you’re encouraged to work with residence hall staff to achieve the best possible living situation. We also employ Graduate Hall Coordinators and other professional staff who will assist you with any concerns related to your housing assignment. 

          Request to be Released forms are available at the Residence Life and Housing Office in the Frank G. Pogue Student Center. Students should provide complete documentation with the request form.

          Note: Students are cautioned against entering into a lease or other housing agreement in addition to the University agreement. 

          What is my residence hall address?

          See the list of Residence Hall Addresses.

          Can I make a room change?

          Room change period takes place each semester during a two week time frame. The dates are posted in each residence hall & Graduate Hall Coordinator staff has specific information on the process.

          What is a common area?

          A common or "community" area in a residence hall include spaces available to everyone such as lobbies, restrooms, stairwells, lounges, laundry rooms and the main entrances.

          How can I limit insects from being my roommates?

          While the University provides extermination for basic services such as ants or spiders, more extensive extermination services such as bed bugs may not be covered by your housing contract. To decrease insect issues, we suggest the following steps: Keep screens in windows year round Clean your room/suite each week--this includes sweeping, vacuuming and wiping off bathroom fixtures and mirrors. Maintain snack areas. Wipe off mini-fridge and microwave off weekly. Wash dishes and utensils daily to avoid food mold and insects. Submit a School Dude for insect concerns or issues; consult your Graduate Hall Coordinator with questions.

          Do I clean my suite in the Highlands?

          Yes. University Housekeeping staff maintain the common areas and public spaces and don't provide cleaning supplies or access to vacuum cleaners. Health and safety inspections are conducted by Residence Life & Housing staff with appropriate advanced notice to residential students. The purpose of these inspections is to increase community comfort and promote student wellness.