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          Gender Inclusive Housing

          One’s identity should never be an issue in an academic setting where the goal is simply to learn. EU offers gender flexible housing to provide a comfortable and inclusive environment for all gender identities.

          Edinboro University prides itself on its inclusivity. Students with a variety of specific needs are housed on Edinboro’s campus.  Housing assignments for students are guided by the following values:

          • Respect for an affirmation of students’ identities and needs.
          • Prioritized attention to students’ physical and emotional health and safety.
          • Enhancing students’ opportunities for success at Edinboro University by finding the best match between the students’ needs and the options available.

          Gender Flexible Housing options allow undergraduate and graduate students to select their roommate without regard to gender. Eligible students can sign up for flexible housing on a limited, opt-in basis only. In order to be eligible for flexible housing, students must be sophomore status or higher during the school year in question (exceptions can be made for first-year students on a case-by-case basis), age 18 or older, and eligible for University housing. Transgender students looking to identify a supportive living arrangement in the residence halls can contact the department of Residence Life and Housing directly. 

          Though there is no guarantee that all of a student’s preferences can be met, we are highly committed to working with each student to find the best accommodations possible.