Annual Special Events - Edinboro University
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          Rachel Scofield
          Coordinator of Special Events and Programs
          President's Office, Reeder Hall
          219 Meadville Street
          Edinboro, PA  16444
          Phone: (814) 732-1739

          Annual Special Events

          Edinboro University hosts many special events that celebrate and honor our faculty, staff, students, holidays, events and more.

          Fall Campus Gathering

          Edinboro University faculty, staff and students gather at the beginning of the academic year to greet each other and discuss our priorities, goals and initiatives at the Fall Convocation. This annual gathering provides the University community an opportunity to refocus on our guiding priorities. Meanwhile, we welcome new members to the Edinboro community and recognize some of the personal and career milestones of our faculty and staff.

          Homecoming Lunch

          The Homecoming celebration continues the Edinboro tradition of pride and community spirit. The Lunch provides an opportunity for everyone to gather together to enjoy a light meal, visit with colleagues and community members and, in many cases, renew friendships.

          Veteran's Day Reception

          The purpose of this event is to acknowledge those members of the Edinboro community who have demonstrated their commitment to civic responsibility and the preservation of the democratic process through military service to our county.

          Holiday Reception

          The Holiday Reception provides an opportunity for all members of the Edinboro community to gather at this special time of the year to celebrate the season and extend goodwill.

          Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Awards Luncheon

          The purpose of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Awards Luncheon is to bring the community together to celebrate our past, present and future. By sharing the common experiences, we expect to build an even closer relationship with the community. It also provides us an opportunity to recognize individuals who remind us each day of the teachings and philosophies of Dr. King.

          Faculty and Staff Recognition Luncheon

          Edinboro University recognizes its employees for their years of service during the spring Faculty and Staff Recognition Luncheon. The luncheon acknowledges employees who have served the University in increments of five years during the period of July 1, 2015 through June 20, 2016. Recipients of the “Edinboro Excellence” recognition program are also be honored at the luncheon, and the Staff Member of the Year is announced.

          Edinboro University Picnic

          Gathering to visit and enjoy a summer picnic with colleagues and their family members in a relaxed and informal atmosphere to celebrate the community spirit that is reflected in the Edinboro University community.