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          Military Skills & Transfer Credits

          Veteran s-Day-2015

          9 Credit-Hour Guarantee

          Veteran students with ranks E-1 to E-5, who have completed basic entry training and Advanced Individual Training (or service equivalent), are guaranteed at least 9 credit-hours of elective credits through our transfer credit process. These credits in military science and health and physical education are representative of the basic knowledge of physical training, military leadership, and military procedure gained during your initial entry training and basic leadership courses.

          Break Down:
          MILS 101 & 102: 3 credit-hours
          MILS 201 & 202: 3 credit-hours
          HPE 199: 3 credit-hours

          Servicemembers who complete additional leadership training are entitled to additional military science credits based on this education.  Veteran students with ranks between E-6 and E-8 are guaranteed at least 12 credit-hours of elective credits through our transfer credit process.

          Break Down:
          MILS 101 & 102: 3 credit-hours
          MILS 201 & 202: 3 credit-hours
          MILS 301 & 302: 3 credit-hours
          HPE 199: 3 credit-hours

          These credits can be used as part of the elective credit requirements for degree programs or in pursuit of a minor in leadership.

          Additional Credit

          Veteran Students may be eligible for additional credit based on their military transcripts. Your branch of service will determine which transcript service should be used in order to apply for transfer credits.

          Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard:
          Your transcripts can be accessed through the Joint Service Transcript (JST) SystemTranscripts can be sent automatically to Edinboro through this system. Simply select the order transcripts button, search for Edinboro University, and select us as the receiving school.

          Air Force:
          Your transcripts can be accessed through the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF). Transcripts will be sent to Edinboro University as hard copies.

          All transcripts are reviewed using the American Council on Education (ACE) credit transfer standard. When an applicable class in the Edinboro catalog matches with the ACE recommendation, you will be considered for transfer credit for this class. All transfer credits must be approved by Admissions prior to being awarded.

          Life Experience Credits

          You may earn life experience credits by developing portfolios that document your learning and experience as they relate to specific course work. The experiences must be equivalent to what would otherwise be achieved through coursework at the University.

          The Office of Adult Student Services administers the life experience evaluation process.  Students submit a one-time application, the portfolio(s) documenting their experience and all fess to the Office of Adult Student Services.  Before you apply, discuss your plans with the Veterans Success Center, Office of Adult Student Service, your academic advisor, and the department chair and/or faculty in the appropriate academic area(s).  These individuals can help you be successful in your pursuit of credit and aid in the creation of your portfolio.

          Evaluation of life experience credit can take approximately 30 days from the submission of your portfolio.

          For additional information, please visit the Office of Adult Student Services or call (814) 732-2701. The VSC keeps example portfolios on hand to assist students in building their portfolios.