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          • New International Business concentration opens door to globalized business careers for Edinboro students

          New International Business concentration opens door to globalized business careers for Edinboro students

          January 06, 2016

          Future business professionals looking to get an edge over the competition will find their opportunity in the latest addition to Edinboro University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. EU’s School of Business recently added a concentration in International Business to its already acclaimed major, giving graduates the cross-cultural education they need to succeed in our globalized world.

          “Our program is different from others because it is truly interdisciplinary and integrates the cultural differences that are evident in doing business around the world – and even across the country,” said Dr. Scott Miller, dean of the School of Business. “Working with industry professionals in the international arena, we created a program that uniquely meets the needs of global businesses so students understand how business practices differ across borders.”

          Miller said the concentration prepares students for careers in numerous in-demand professions, including international logistics, consulting in foreign trade, import/export coordination and consulting, international banking and sales, international marketing and business analysis. 

          “It is important to note that this major is not only for those who are interested in careers that involve direct involvement with international transactions,” Miller said. “It provides a strong foundation for a broad range of careers in management, marketing, finance and economics.”

          The concentration was open to students for the first time in the fall 2015 semester and incited immediate interest among junior- and senior-year scholars in the business program. Freshman and sophomore business students at EU are accepted into a general business major and cannot declare a concentration until they are entering their junior year. Many, however, have expressed an interest in the new International Business concentration.

          Students enrolled in the program enjoy a highly diversified curriculum that incorporates courses such as Introduction to World Languages and Culture, Intercultural Communication, and Cultural Geography to complement business-specific coursework in Global Environment of Business: International Finance, International Marketing, and International Economics.

          “Students with this major will be well-prepared to move into foreign service, banking, public relations, law, advertising, human resources, finance, product management and a broad array of careers that require a strong foundation in business and critical-thinking skills,” Miller said.

          For more information about the International Business concentration to Edinboro University’s BA program in Business Administration, contact the Department of Business and Economics at (814) 732-2407. For additional information on applying to EU, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (814) 732-2761 or (888) 8GO-BORO or by email at

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