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          • Professor’s work published in peer-reviewed math journal

          Professor’s work published in peer-reviewed math journal

          March 15, 2016

          Edinboro University faculty member Dr. Anne Quinn, chairperson of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, recently was published in a peer-reviewed journal of the Mathematical Association of America. The College Mathematics Journal published Quinn’s article “Technology Review: Graph Theory Smartphone Apps” in January.

          The article discussed how two graph theory smartphone applications can be used in the classroom. Though students have to do most of the work, the apps allow students to visualize the graphs and determine many things about them, including whether or not they are planar, the crossing number, and whether two graphs are isomorphic.

          The article was an extension of a paper Quinn wrote previously for The Mathematics Teacher, a journal for high school mathematics teachers. The journal has previously published Quinn’s work in April and September 2015.

          In addition, The Mathematics Teacher will publish Quinn’s “Web-Based Statistical Sampling and Analysis” in April and “Statistical Inference and Simulation with StatKey” in May.