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          • Edinboro University honors Crandall as Advisor of the Year

          Edinboro University honors Crandall as Advisor of the Year

          May 07, 2019

          Edinboro University honors Crandall as Advisor of the Year

          Diane Crandall, professor in the Art Department, recently was named Edinboro University’s 2019 Advisor of the Year. Crandall was recognized for her advising skills and prolific contributions to campus programs, events and committees.

          Crandall, Edinboro faculty marshal and advisor of the Art Living-Learning Community in Highlands residence halls, believes that accessibility is most important when it comes to advising, for new students especially.

          “I always try to be mindful, that for most, this is their first time away from home; that dealing with life and studies on one’s own can be stressful,” said Crandall, who joined Edinboro’s faculty in 1989. “I make it clear to my advisees that they may come to me for help with anything they need.”

          Hannah Flynn, an Edinboro art student specializing in graphic design, completed her first year with Crandall as her advisor. She wrote in her nomination letter that Crandall has been supporting her since her first semester.

          “Professor Crandall is always going above and beyond for students,” said Flynn. “She has really helped me pursue more than I thought possible.”

          Crandall fosters friendship and connections through her advising process. She aims to help students gain confidence at Edinboro and beyond by providing positive social experiences.

          Early in the semester, she hosts welcome events like dinner in Van Houten Dining Hall and hang-outs in the trees next to the Highlands, where she ties hammocks up and invites students to come “hang out” with her.

          Throughout the year, she encourages students to join her during campus events, art events, campus recreation events, job fairs, and even Grocery Bingo, in the hopes of getting to know her students and her students getting to know each other as they pursue their academic and personal goals.

          Crandall has sat on dozens of university and public committees since 1993 and serves as a liaison for students to assist the community with design projects, such as Garden of Edin and the Edinboro Camp and Retreat Center. She believes the most rewarding aspect of advising is watching her students succeed.

           “The best day of the school year is graduation,” said Crandall. “It is a capstone event in students’ lives and a day to honor them for all they have worked so hard to accomplish.”

          Along with regular features in local art exhibitions, Crandall has been invited to showcase her work among internationally acclaimed artists by the American Institute of Graphic Arts Headquarters in New York. She also designed the official flag of Erie County (1999) and the Edinboro University flag (2009.

          Crandall earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Edinboro University and a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Kent State University.