Edinboro partnerships prepare students to take flight


FS 2021

Aeronautics programs adds fourth professional training partnership for students

 Edinboro University announced an expansion of the Aeronautical Science program with the addition of High Flight Academy as the University’s fourth professional flight training partner.

Providing flight training for prospective and active pilots for more than 30 years, High Flight Academy is fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (Part 141) and was recognized as a Distinguished Flight School by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Dr. Korey Kilburn, professor in Edinboro’s Mathematics and Computer Science Department and Aeronautics advisor, said that students earn their private pilot's license, instrument rating and commercial license as they work their way through the program – with 18-24 of the 60 credits earned through affiliated flight schools.

“Many of the students are then hired by the flight school to instruct, while they are building flight time, making some money and searching for their career job,” he said. “It is exciting to see Edinboro students get hired in both regional airlines and even in the shipping industry.”

Students interested in earning a commercial pilot’s license in just 16 months can complete online courses and in-person flight training through the Associate of Applied Science program within Edinboro’s College of Science and Health Professions.

With the new partnership, students can select between North Coast Flight School in Erie, OnCore Aviation in Rochester, New York, High Flight Academy in Butler, Pa., and Blue Line Aviation in Morrisville, N.C.

All partners are housed within four major regional airport hub, including the Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport, Buffalo Niagara International, the Raleigh-Durham Airport and the Erie International Airport.

Edinboro University has partnered with these four FAA-approved flight schools on an accelerated 60-credit program that allows students to become commercial pilots in just 16 months. Many students opt to complete additional flight training and earn a bachelor's degree with a commitment of just two additional years.

Edinboro's Associate of Applied Science in Aeronautical Science program first gives students broad knowledge through applicable general education and major courses, all taken completely online.

Following the online training, students complete in-person ground and flight training with one of the four flight school partners. Training requirements may be satisfied if students have current licenses or appropriate certifications.

With an associate degree from Edinboro University, graduates will be equipped with the education and training needed for a career in the high-demand field of aeronautics as a commercial industry pilot (non-passenger), a private charter pilot or as a flight instructor.

Additionally, graduates can choose to pursue careers as commercial pilots with a major airline by completing additional flight training and earning a bachelor’s degree in just two additional years.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for airline and commercial pilots expects much faster growth, with more than 6,000 pilots expected to be hired by 2029. According to the BLS, the median salary of an airline and commercial pilot in 2020 was $130,440.

Financial aid and scholarships for the Associate of Applied Science degree from Edinboro University, with additional aid available for ground and flight training, which are offered through the regional partners. Students enrolled in at least six hours of credits per semester are eligible for Pell Grants and state and federal loans.

For more information about Edinboro University’s Aeronautical Science program and flight partners, visit http://www.edinboro.edu/aeronautics.