Edinboro University online graduate programs again earn top national rankings


U.S. News 2022

Two Edinboro University academic programs earned Top 100 honors in the 2022 U.S. News & World Report rankings, which considered 500 higher-education institutions across the nation.

The multi-platform publisher of authoritative rankings granted Edinboro University the No. 46 national ranking in the 2022 Best Online Nursing Programs list and the No. 77 ranking in the 2022 Best Online Education Programs list.

“To be ranked among the best graduate programs in the U.S. is an exceptional honor not only for our faculty and staff but also for the students who strive to serve their communities in education and nursing,” said Dr. Erinn Lake, vice president of Virtual and Global Education for Edinboro, Clarion and California universities. “The fact that we’re ranking higher each year means that we’re continuing to develop and expand our outstanding programs for our students.”

This marks the seventh consecutive year in which Edinboro has earned Top 100 spots in the national ranking. Edinboro’s highest recent ranking was No. 70 in the 2018 report for master’s degree in Education, and in 2021, Edinboro was ranked No. 83.

Edinboro University has partnered with Clarion University to develop the Master of Science in Nursing –Family Nurse Practitioner Program (MSN-FNP) to train current and future caregivers. The vision of the MSN Program is that students and faculty will be responsive to the needs of a dynamic health care system as they contribute to the welfare of the region, state and global community through scholarly activities and advanced nursing practice.

The Clarion/Edinboro MSN program provides the foundation for a lifelong process of personal and professional growth as well as for post-graduate education.

“Our outstanding faculty at Edinboro and Clarion prepare students for the everchanging world of health care – serving diverse and often underserved communities,” said Dr. Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson, interim president of Edinboro and California universities and president of Clarion University. “Through this partnership, our graduates focus on quality care for patients across their lifespan.”

Under a plan endorsed by the Board of Governors of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, Edinboro, Clarion and California are working toward becoming one institution – Pennsylvania Western University – pending approval by Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Edinboro University offers 11 online certificate and degree programs in education, including Early Childhood Education, Teacher Leadership and English as Second Language. Many of the graduate programs are offered online, allowing students to earn advanced degrees on their own time and their personal schedules.

For both online ranking methodologies, U.S. News & World Report projects the results based on five categories and their respective weight.

In Nursing and Education, U.S. News considers 30% of the final ranking based on Student Engagement – providing that schools create an experience rewarding enough that students stay enrolled and complete their degrees in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, 20% of the final rank is based on Expert Opinion, following a survey of high-ranking academic officials in education and nursing.

Programs receive 20% for Services and Technology, as U.S. News measures how each program incorporates diverse online learning technologies that allow greater flexibility for students to take classes from a distance. Faculty Credentials and training account for 20% weight in the final rankings, given that each school employs instructors with academic credentials that mirror those of instructors for campus-based programs.

Finally, U.S. News measures Student Excellence at 10% in that student bodies enter the programs with proven aptitudes, ambitions and accomplishments and can handle the demands of rigorous coursework.

Comprehensive rankings and program profiles are available at www.usnews.com/online.

For more information about Edinboro University’s nationally recognized catalogue of online graduate programs, visit gradschool.edinboro.edu or contact the School of Graduate Studies at (814) 732-2856 or gradstudies@edinboro.edu.