Client Support Services


The Client Support Services staff help to keep all the University's computers maintained and online and act as consultants for all computer lab issues.


The CSS staff maintain all of the University's client technology such as office and lab computers, printers, software, and more. The University's Technology Help Center is managed by the CSS staff, and this service offers University employees and students a gateway to their technology support needs. Here are examples of some of the services offered by CSS:

The Technology Help Center is located in the lobby of Ross Hall at the end of the pedestrian bridge.

Client Support Services Contacts

DJ Bradley - Director of Client Support Services

Client Support Services Team
Adam Rupert - Systems & Security Administrator
Chuck Thomas - Information Technology Generalist 1
John Lyons - Service Desk Manager
Carla J. Behr - Service Desk Technician

Contact Us

Technology Help Center
Ross Hall
220 Scotland Road
Edinboro, PA 16444
Phone: 814-732-2111