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The Networks and Telecommunications staff help provide the infrastructure for voice, video and data network connectivity services to the University. It serves the needs of students, faculty and staff for data network connectivity, internet connectivity, phone services, cable TV systems, wireless capabilities and more!


The Networks and Telecommunications Staff are responsible for helping students, faculty and staff with:

Wireless Networks

Edinboro University is happy to offer its students, faculty and staff access to the Edinboro WiFi network by connecting through a WPA-2 Enterprise encrypted network to ensure both your own and the University's security.

There are 4 main wireless networks on campus:

To connect to either of these networks, follow the instruction links below, choosing the type of device and operating system you are using. Both networks use the same set-up process. If you have any questions or issues with connectivity, please call the EU Technology Help Desk at 814-732-2111 and we will be happy to assist you.

Edinboro University has adopted a standard security policy that requires all devices to use WPA2-Enterprise encryption to gain access to the University's networks. We enforce using WPA2-Enterprise encryption to maintain the security of our networks so that your connection, data and transactions are secure and protected.

You can look up your device's compatibility on the Wi-Fi Alliance product page here.

Once you have found your device, click on "download" in the certificate column to find out whether or not your device supports WPA2-Enterprise encryption.

Wireless Connection Guides

Look below for instructions on how to set up a connection for either EU-NET or EU-RESNET.

Wireless Set-up for EU-NET:

Wireless Set-up for EU-RESNET:

Wireless Access for EU-GUEST:

Windows 10 Edge browser Users: If you receive a blank screen after login, refresh your browser, and accept the certificate.

Additionally, this To Do list for StudentNET and this troubleshooting guide are resources you can use to help answer any questions that we have not already answered.

*All Residence Hall rooms have wired connections available. Check out these guides for setting up a wired connection for:

If you're doing critical work or need reliable speed and bandwidth at all times, please plug in your device if it is Ethernet-capable. During peak usage hours, the wireless network can become congested.

*Note that gaming consoles must use the wired connection instead of the wireless network.

Networks and Telecommunications Contacts

Mark Lilly - Director of Network and Telecommunication

Networks and Telecommunications Team
Dave Johnson - Telecomm Operations Manager
Frank Mascitti - Senior Network Engineer
Chuck Virgils - Network Specialist

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