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          Leadership Institute

          leadership institute logoWelcome to the Edinboro University Leadership Institute.

          The leaders of tomorrow are formed today at Edinboro University’s Leadership Institute. The Institute enhances the educational experience by drawing on the shared knowledge of faculty, staff and students from diverse academic areas. It is an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to education, training and leadership.


          The mission of the Edinboro University Leadership Institute is to become a regional resource that provides an integrated curriculum in leadership studies, recognizes excellence in campus and community leadership, affords research opportunities for faculty and students, and helps to develop leadership skills in personal and professional venues.


          1. To create integrated curricular and co-curricular offerings that foster the study of leadership among students, staff and faculty.
          2. To encourage interdisciplinary research opportunities among faculty and students to promote and advance the field of leadership.
          3. To serve as a source for training and development of the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions for preparing the next generation of successful leaders.
          4. To recognize excellence among leaders in the campus and in the community.