Distinguished Lecturer Series

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          The Office of Social Equity in collaboration with the Center for Faculty Excellence and the Office of the Provost are excited to present the Social Equity Lecturer Series. Each month, there will be a faculty presentation on the intersection of social equity and their area of expertise. The series is designed to broaden the educational experience of Edinboro University students and the community by providing an opportunity for our faculty to share thought provoking and engaging research on the topic of Inclusive Excellence or Social Equity. 

          The theme of the 2017-2018 Social Equity Lecture Series is Inclusive Excellence.

          • September 21st
            Pogue 143, 12:30pm
            Dr. Kristin Webber
          • October 17th
            Pogue Theatre, 12:30pm
            Mr. Kevin Opple
          • October 19th
            Pogue 143, 12:30pm
            Dr. Karen Lindeman
          • November 2nd
            Pogue Theatre, 5pm
            Mr. Lewis Brownlee
          • February 1st
            Pogue Theatre, 12:30pm
            Dr. Hilary Copp, Dr. William Koehler, Jessica Hippely
          • February 15th
            Pogue Theatre, 12:30pm
            Dr. James Fisher
          • March 1st
            Pogue Theatre, 12:30pm
            Dr. Heather Kenny
          • March 22nd
            Pogue Theatre, 12:30pm
            Dr. Lisa Unico
          • April 12th
            Pogue Theatre, 12:30pm
            Dr. Andrew Smith
          • May 3rd
            Pogue Theatre, 12:30pm
            Dr. Mary Mason & Dr. Kate Krival

          The theme of the 2016-2017 Social Equity Lecture Series is Social Justice.

          • September 15th
            Pogue Theatre, 12:30pm
            Dr. Margaret Smith
          • November 11th
            Pogue 143, 12:30pm
            Mr. Bradley Schaffer
          • November 17th
            Pogue Theatre, 4:30pm
            Dr. Stephen Sullivan
          • December 1st
            Pogue Theatre, 12:30pm
            Dr. George Richards
          • February 16th
            Pogue Theatre, 12:30pm
            Dr. Jerra Jenrette
          • March 2nd
            Pogue 143, 12:30pm
            Dr. Hilary Copp & Dr. William Koehler
          • March 28th
            Pogue MPR A, 12:30pm
            Dr. Irene Fiala
          • April 20th
            Pogue Theatre, 12:30pm
            Dr. Samuel Claster & Dr. Lee Williams

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