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Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide students with opportunities to interact with faculty and fellow students outside the classroom in a living environment that promotes student success.

Students residing in LLCs perform better academically, demonstrated in higher grade point averages. Living in an LLC will be one of the most influential aspects of university life. Why choose an LLC?

For those who would like room types with more privacy yet access to events that root students into the academic and social communities. The Residence Life staff facilitates student connections within this interactive community. First-year residents can:

  • Develop friendship circles
  • Understand the university experience is richer because of a wide range of student backgrounds, culture, orientations, abilities, beliefs and talents
  • Learn about Scottish tradition and PennWest Edinboro traditions
  • Participate in First Year Experience events
  • Celebrate First Year milestones
  • Develop study skills for a variety of core classes
  • Become acclimated to University resources
  • Establish a strong grade point average

The mission of the Arts LLC is to enhance the out-of-classroom experience for studio artists, graphic designers, writers, animators and filmmakers, as well as students interested in theater and similar artistic pursuits. Located in Highlands 4, Arts LLC allows residents to experience a strong sense of imaginative fellowship through critique nights, group projects and studio time.

The Honors Community provides an avenue for high-achieving students in all majors to dialogue and benefit from each other's strengths and various curriculums. This LLC combines first-year and upper-class Honor’s students within one community together. This LLC provides convenient access to the Honors Program Office and the Honors library.

The community plans interactive events to enable resident students across nursing and STEM fields to know one another. Participants make connections beyond the classroom and active participants in this LLC benefit not only during their PennWest Edinboro student years but also as PennWest Edinboro alum.


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