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Edinboro University's Porreco College
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Erie, PA 16506
Phone: (814) 836-1955 or
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Special Events

Rejuvenate Your Retirement: An Educational Course for Retirees

Making sure you don’t outlive your money is one of the most important issues in post-retirement planning. This course covers identifying the primary threats to your retirement savings, planning your retirement income to preserve a comfortable lifestyle, and affording travel, hobbies, sports, crafts, socializing, business ventures, and lifelong learning. Discover strategies designed to increase Social Security retirement benefits. Learn how to calculate whether you should convert your IRA to a Roth IRA, maximize the tax efficiency of withdrawals from mutual funds and IRAs, and evaluate and plan for health care, long-term care, incapacity, and end-of-life decisions. Participants are welcome to bring a spouse or guest at no additional charge.

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Passport to Retirement: Your “How to” Guide for Financial Success

This course has been developed to help you learn more about planning for a comfortable retirement. It is designed to give you the tools necessary to make informed decisions regarding your financial future. This course includes information you need to assess the costs associated with retirement, determine your sources of retirement income, improve your investment potential, reduce your financial risk and help you preserve your estate for your heirs. You'll find out how to fight the effects of inflation, avoid unnecessary taxes, and protect yourself from the potentially devastating costs associated with long-term care expenses. You'll learn how to integrate important concepts to help you prepare for retirement. The decisions you make in these key areas will ultimately determine your financial success. Participants are welcome to bring a spouse or guest at no additional charge.

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Wealth Creation: A Personal Finance Course for Professionals Age 35 to 50

Instructor: Dale Stoner 

Course Fee: $49 

Your future success will be born out of the knowledge and decisions you put in place today. Stress test your assumptions, priorities, biases, and financial plan to bolster the future you are working toward. You'll feel empowered as we take you through 65 core topic areas-all thoroughly researched and laid out in easy-to-follow sections including:

  • Life and Wealth Planning
  • Tax-Advantaged and Investment Vehicles
  • Barriers to Wealth Accumulation
  • Managing Family Finances
  • Investment Strategies
  • Financial Firewall

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If you are unable to attend an open house, you can visit the campus and speak with a representative by appointment. Please call 814-732-2544 or email to make an appointment.