Diversity and Inclusion Plan



PennWest Edinboro has done historical work with diversity that lays a foundation for our future. We have offices in place, presidential commissions, student organizations and historical annual programs that provide the foundation for our work. It is important that we build on our past success and continue the positive momentum. The Office of Social Equity has developed a two-year action plan (July 2019 - July 2021) that aligns with the University's strategic plan, Edinboro 2024.

During the next two years, the Office of Social Equity will focus on goals and objectives developed from existing data. This plan focuses on student success, particularly the success of underrepresented minority students and employees. It also focuses on campus climate issues. Focusing on these priorities will enable us to enhance the experience of students and staff from underrepresented groups and continue to build an inclusive community where all feel welcome and represented.

Successful implementation of the activities listed here will enhance our efforts to recruit and retain diverse populations, creating a diverse campus culture that enriches us all. Each of the following strategic diversity and inclusion initiatives impact multiple objectives put forth in the University strategic plan

Student Success

University Success

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