Dual Enrollment / Early Advantage


If you're a student who wants to earn college credit while still in high school, check out all the possibilities at Edinboro University.


Jump-Start Your College Career

As a high school junior or senior, you have the opportunity to take up to 11 credits per semester through Edinboro University at a significantly reduced cost. Please complete the Non-Degree Seeking Student Application and obtain permission from your high school.

Course Offerings

View a full list of courses that are offered during the semester. Below are a few examples of courses that have been taken in the past by Dual Enrolled/Early Advantage students:

  • PSYCH 101 – General Psychology
  • GEOG 101 – World Geography
  • HIST 101 – World Civilizations
  • SOC 100 – Principles of Sociology

high school articulation agreements

Edinboro has partnered with certain secondary schools and career centers to award college credit for SOAR-approved programs at the secondary level.



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