Non-Degree Seeking Students


Expand your horizons and explore your interests by enrolling as a non-degree, special student at PennWest Edinboro.


Things You Should Know

In order to be admitted as a "Special Student" in a non-degree-seeking program, you must:

  1. Understand that acceptance into this category does not constitute acceptance into a degree-granting program; however, you may follow a program of study.
  2. Have sufficient educational background to qualify for the course or courses in which enrollment is sought. Non-degree-seeking students can enroll only in courses where required prerequisites are met. You do not need a high school diploma or GED. You may take courses, receive grades and earn credits like other students. Grades and credits become part of the student's permanent academic record at PennWest Edinboro. However, these credits will not be accepted toward a degree at Edinboro until the student has received a high school diploma or demonstrated equivalency.
  3. Understand that Special Students will be given second priority to degree candidates for available class seats.
  4. Accept personal responsibility for the applicability of credits earned while registered in this category.
  5. Understand that students in this non-degree category cannot be considered for federal or state financial aid.

Please note: A non-degree-seeking student may complete a maximum equivalent of one academic year or 32 semester credits at PennWest Edinboro. Upon completion of 32 semester credits, if you wish to pursue a degree at PennWest Edinboro, you must meet all entrance requirements outlined in the University Catalog before being considered for degree-seeking status.

All credits are applicable toward an Edinboro degree following formal acceptance by the Admissions Office. Each student seeking degree status must submit a degree application form, appropriate high school and post-secondary transcripts and results of their progress as special students.


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