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          Student Accounts Office
          Hamilton Hall
          210 Glasgow Road
          Edinboro, PA 16444
          Phone: (814) 732-3502
          Fax: (814) 732-2991

          Hours of Operation:
          Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
          Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.


          Frequently asked questions related to tuition, billing and payments.

          How much does it cost to attend?

          Our tuition and fees vary from year to year and for each type of student who attends Edinboro University. Current tuition information

          How do I pay my bill?

          You can pay your bill several different ways. The most convenient way to pay your bill is on eBill. Log in to the myEdinboro portal then click the eBill icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Once you are in eBill you can click the payments tab at the top of the screen. On eBill your payment options are American Express, Mastercard, Discover or e-Check/Savings. For online credit card payments only there is a convenience fee set by PayPath.

          Check, money order, cash, or Visa and Mastercard debit are accepted in person in our office. You may also mail a check or money order. Be sure to include your name (student’s) and ID# on all payments mailed in.

          Can I go on a payment plan?

          Yes. Learn more about payment plan options.

          How do I create an authorized user for eBill? (parent/payer login)

          After logging into your eBill account, you can click the authorized users tab at the top of the screen. Here you can add a person to your account who will then receive the same e-mail billing notices that you receive, have access to the eBill 24/7, and have the ability to pay online. Click to add an authorized user, enter the person’s email address, select the information that you want the user to be able to view, and then click Add. The authorized user will then receive an email outlining his/her log-in information and how to set up a password.

          How can I defer payment?

          If your employer will reimburse your tuition, we offer a tuition reimbursement agreement. The agreement outlines the courses that you are taking, how much of the tuition that your employer will pay, and how much of the University’s fees that your employer will pay. If your employer will pay 100% of the tuition and 100% of the fees, then you are required to pay a $125 deposit to have your bill deferred. If your employer only pays 100% of the tuition, then you are required to pay all of the fees not paid by your employer to have your bill deferred. If your employer only pays a portion of the tuition, to have your bill deferred, you are required to pay any part of the bill that is not covered by your employer. The tuition reimbursement form has a place for your employer to sign, a place for you to sign, and a place for your credit card information. All of the signatures, the credit card information, and payment must be received in order for the agreement to be valid. The credit card information is required only to be used if the semester is not paid in full within 60 days of the term ending. The student is required to turn in any grades required to the employer. Please note that the agreement and your portion of the payment are due before the start of the term to avoid penalty.

          Why do I have a financial hold?

          A financial hold on a student account generally means that you have something missing or have not taken care of your school bill. Questions regarding this type of hold can be answered by sending an email from your student webmail account to studentaccounts@edinboro.edu, by calling us at (814) 732-5555 or by coming in to the office with your student ID.

          The hold could also have been placed by the campus police for unpaid parking tickets. Any questions regarding this hold should be directed to the campus police at (814) 732-2921. In order to make payment for your parking tickets go to the Edinboro homepage at www.edinboro.edu and keyword “Parking Tickets.” You can pay via credit card online. You can also mail a check with your name, student ID#, license plate # and/or ticket #’s to the Office of the Student Accounts, 210 Glasgow Rd., Edinboro, PA 16444 or pay in the office with check, cash or debit card.

          Why am I being charged additional fees on my bill?

          Health and Wellness Fee

          • Provides all reasonable and necessary medical care to individuals needing assistance.
          • Physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners are on duty to provide immediate medical attention.  There is no additional cost to the student to see a doctor, nurse or nurse practitioner.
          • The Health Center also deals with some public health issues, such as the spread of infectious diseases, which can affect all students.
          • Provides visits for counseling and psychological services.
          • A number of our students are covered by health insurance; however, the total cost of this operation must be shared by all students.  

          Student Activity Fee

          • Assessed by the Student Government Association in accordance with Act 188 of the General Assembly. The fee provides funds for the educational, social, cultural, athletic and leadership activities of the student population. For example, it funds special lectures, guest speakers and concert events.

          University Center Fee

          • Used to defray the cost of the Pogue Center and gives students access to any and all of the activities held there. It also is a fee mandated by Pennsylvania legislation to provide for repayment of financing for construction.

          Instructional Service Fee

          • This fee is not assessed for academic advisement but is used to help defray educational expenses and supplies, such as instructional equipment, diplomas, lab supplies and faculty travel to supervise internships.

          Tuition – Technology Fee

          • This fee is set by the Board of Governors in Harrisburg to help keep on-campus computer labs and equipment running and updated for student use.
          • The fee is also used to properly maintain communications between a student who is taking courses off-campus and the University.

          Art Fee

          • Art is one of Edinboro’s most expensive programs due to high technology expenses and small-sized studio classes. For classes with an ART course prefix, this fee helps cover some of these expenses and is calculated as 5% of the tuition rate. This comes to $15.10 per credit for in-state undergraduate students.
          • Most importantly for students, this fee will cover the cost of special art materials that were previously purchased by students for certain studios. For instance, students previously paid the University for wood purchased for projects in wood studio classes and for clay used in ceramics classes, but this and similar purchases will now be purchased directly by the Art department using funds generated by this fee.
          • The fee covers only a portion of the actual expenses and is set at a minimal level to keep the program affordable.
          • This fee will not be charged for Art History or Art Education courses since these are not technology-intensive courses or studios.

          Music Fee

          • The Music Fee is charged as $100 per credit for applied music lessons. The lessons are 1-credit courses so the fee will be $100 for the lessons for each applied instrument studied during the semester.
          • Music is one of Edinboro’s most expensive programs partly because of the individual attention from faculty that students receive in these applied lessons. Even with this fee, these lessons are a very good value compared to what a student would pay for private lessons outside of the University.
          • This fee was actually recommended by Music students as a way of making the program more cost effective so that the University could maintain the major.
          • The fee covers only a portion of the actual cost and is set at a minimal level to keep the program affordable.

          Student Success Fee

          • This fee is set at $70 per semester and is used to partially support the costs of the Academic Success Center.
          • This Center provides academic advising support for all students, oversees tutoring assistance, and provides one-on-one and group instruction to students on study skills, test-taking skills and time management so that they can be successful in their programs at Edinboro.
          • The Center is staffed full-time each weekday so that students have ready access to assistance and direction.

          STEM Fee

          • Beginning in fall 2016, students in high-cost, high-demand undergraduate science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health courses (excluding Nursing) will pay a $30 per credit fee to cover a portion of the additional costs of these courses. A percentage of these fees will be utilized by academic departments to invest in enhancing the quality of these programs.

          When are refund checks available? 

          The dates for refund checks vary from semester to semester, but will generally be available the third Friday after the semester begins. Refund dates will be posted on the Student Accounts Office homepage for each semester.

          How do I change my residency status from out-of-state to in-state?

          Any new or transfer Undergraduate student should contact the Undergraduate Admissions office: Toll free # (800) 626-2203 or (814) 732-2761.

          Any new Graduate student should contact the Graduate Admissions office: Toll free # (800) 845-2890 or (814) 732-2856.

          Any Continuing and Reinstated students should contact Records and Registration at (814) 732-5555 option #4.

          How do I wire money to my account?

          You can wire money to your student account using FlyWire at the following web address: www.flywire.com

          How do I log into eBill/S.C.O.T.S.?

          You can access the log-in screens for S.C.O.T.S. or eBill by logging into the myEdinboro portal.

          How do I get a copy of my bill?

          Go to eBill via the myEdinboro portal and click the eBill tab at the top of the screen. Select the desired billing date from the drop-down menu and print.

          Where do I pay my parking ticket?

          In order to make payment for your parking tickets go to the Edinboro homepage at www.edinboro.edu and keyword “parking tickets.” You can pay via credit card online. You can also mail a check with your name, student ID#, license plate# and ticket# to the Office of the Student Accounts, 210 Glasgow Rd., Edinboro, PA 16444 or pay in the office with check, cash or debit card. Any questions regarding parking tickets should be directed to the campus police at (814) 732-2921.

          Where is my 1098-T?

          Students eligible to receive a 1098T have the option to obtain a copy of their form electronically or by mail. If you are a current student, you can log into SCOTS, click on Student Services, Financial Aid, Student Records and then Tax Notification. Type the tax year of the form that is needed in the space provided, and then click submit. If you no longer have access to your MyEdinboro account, the electronic version of your 1098T can also be accessed through our servicer ECSI at www.heartland.ecsi.net. If you did not agree to an electronic 1098T, your paper form was mailed by Jan. 31 to the last permanent address on file with the University.

          What are your hours of operation?

          The hours of operation for the Student Accounts Office’s office in the Student Services Center during the regular school year (Fall/Spring) are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. The hours of operation during the summer session are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday – Friday.

          What is your mailing address (contact info)?

          Edinboro University
          Office of the Student Accounts
          210 Glasgow Rd.
          Edinboro, PA 16444

          Email: studentaccounts@edinboro.edu
          Phone: (814) 732-5555
          Fax: (814) 732-2991

          What are the University holidays? 

          Check all University holidays on the student academic calendar.

          How do I know if school is cancelled due to inclement weather?

          Call the ’Boro hotline at (814) 732-2676 (732-BORO) for up-to-date information on school closings and emergencies.