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Are you open to the possibility that you can achieve more than you have ever imagined? Then you've made an excellent choice in selecting PennWest Edinboro. We promise you the attention, careful advising and state-of-the-art facilities you need to ensure that your first year at Edinboro will be just the start of a successful college experience.


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Who Is a First-Year Student?

If you've earned a high school diploma or GED or some college credits prior to graduating from high school, you qualify to apply as a first-year student.

First-year students most commonly enroll at PennWest Edinboro in the fall or spring semesters following their high school graduation. High school students may apply any time after July 1, following their junior year.

Important Things to Know

Student success is our top priority. With a student-faculty ratio of 18 to 1, we're proud of the academic excellence we're able to provide for our students. Before you arrive and during your time at Edinboro, we are committed to helping you prepare for the best possible college experience.

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You'll receive your admission decision sooner, allowing you to plan and prepare better during the rest of your senior year.

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High School Applicants

You may apply for admission to the University starting July 1 following your junior year. Admission consideration is test-optional. That means no standardized college exam scores are required. Admission decisions are reached using a combination of your official high school records, SAT/ACT test scores (if available) and choice of college major.


Some Edinboro majors have contracted admissions standards requiring higher minimum GPA and/or test scores (i.e., nursing), along with a more thorough look at your high school transcript and coursework taken. Once your completed application has been received and reviewed, a formal letter from the Office of Admissions will notify you of your decision status.

Applicants With No College Experience After High School

If you've never attended college after high school graduation, and you graduated more than two years ago, you are considered a nontraditional applicant and you should follow the same instructions for high school applicants. In addition, if you graduated from high school more than two years ago, you are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores.

Transfer Applicants

If you have attended any post-secondary education after high school graduation, you will need to apply as a transfer student. In addition to your high school transcript, you will be required to submit transcripts for any college coursework you have taken.

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