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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

University Plans and COVID-19 Response

PennWest Edinboro’s Emergency Response Team continues to monitor the latest national data related to the COVID-19 pandemic while working tirelessly to minimize the spread of the virus and foster a safe living, learning and working environment for all members of the PennWest Edinboro community.

The latest CDC recommendation advises that indoor masking is necessary only in areas experiencing high-risk levels of COVID-19. Based on the CDC Guidelines and latest data, the level for Erie County is Low.

At that level, masks are not required indoors on the Edinboro campus.


COVID-19 Student Decision Tree

Important Numbers

Health questions can be directed to Student Health Services at 814-732-2743. Parents and students can contact the Student Engagement Division at 814-732-2313. Edinboro employees with work-related questions can call Human Resources at 814-732-2703.

Questions or Feedback about COVID-19?

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